8 Responses to prom hair?

  1. Amy Babes. x says:

    It seems like you have a lot of vivid bright colours going on so dont go for full curly hair
    I would go for something subtle like half up and half down with light curls in and a delicate tiara.
    Or you could have it all up in a do up and then have two little bits either sides of your eyes curled.
    im sure you will look beautiful! =]

  2. dead_love_forever13 says:

    Your best bet it to get some hair magazines, go to a stylist and get a pre hair do so you now what your getting fo that day

  3. alic w says:

    classic french twist

  4. x-lilbby-x says:

    everyone hair look nice at a prom up and and curls or straight

  5. morenabombomusa says:


    the first style is pretty easy and you can do it @ home… maybe have your mom help you out… good luck

  6. Amber says:

    not to much make up and just straighten your hair

  7. Laura H says:

    You could always do it up in a bun or a ponytail or just simply have it normal. Hair doesn’t really matter I think. Or you could go to a hair dresses and ask for a nice hair style.good luck.

  8. Hansa M says:

    go with curls it looks great with prom dresses
    for making those curls natually
    shampoo and condition your hair
    then dry the hair and dont comb or brush it at all
    the curls are formed when the hair dries
    but do not put anything on the hair after washing

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