Prom hair help and good dress ideas plz?

Ok so prom is just around the corner for my high school, i have not yet found a dress yet. I am like 5’6" have long red hair, brown eyes, and really fair skin, i am looking for a long green dress. With a prize range of around 50 to 125 dollars. And i want a cool hair do. So plz if you know of any awesome websites that have cool hair dos, and pretty dress. it well be verry helpful thanks so much:)

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  1. Adam Falcon says:

    Well…I’m a guy but heres my thoughts because I don’t think girls understand what guys like. Although I have also realized that girls dress up to impress/compete with other girls more often than they do to impress guys.

    A dress is a dress to us…

    Hair…. guys don’t like hair all done up fancy. Every guy I have ever talked to thought that hair strait down was the best look for every girl. I’m not joking…I’m sure there are guys that think otherwise but I don’t know any of them apparently. Girls always spend so much time doing their hair up for special dates and such when guys prefer it kept simple and down. Ask some guys….see what they say if you don’t believe me.

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