9 Responses to Prom hair ideas for short hair cut?

  1. bellaramera says:

    Extensions or infusions (which are way more expensive) at your local Korean hair salon… They do it very well

  2. ma says:


  3. Wave R says:

    Wash it,condition it and brush it forward when you bend over and let it fly back and let it air dry..its wild and natural.. Have fun with it!

  4. Swish says:

    Straighten it and put in some glittery/jewel bobby pins or clips! Adds some elegance and inexpensive!

  5. Lisa says:

    Wear your hair down and natural, and accessorize it with a tiara. Make sure you choose a tiara that looks classy with your dress, not tacky!

    If a tiara is not your thing, buy a pretty barrette with jewels or ribbons. Make sure the barrette goes with your dress.

    Basically, if your hair is short, accessories will help you out!

  6. 0xxchelseaxx0 says:

    you could put some cute little clips in ur hair

  7. bea f says:

    get a wig or hair extensions or just get cute head band a flower one real flowers diamond,looking one depending on style so the attention is not on hair.great luck no matter what take lots of pictures because memories are the best

  8. TrickyNikki says:

    twist small parts into worms and pin them back!
    use glitter spay it looks good!
    If your hair is thick and frizzy use herbal esence triple conditioning shampoo and conditioner! its fixed my hair

  9. danika m says:

    maybe a half pony but make it a messy bun instead, then try fun clips for some spark

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