Question about fake hair on wedding day?

I have recently cut my hair just above my shoulders, and our wedding is in ten days. I have always wanted to have long curly hair when I got married, and I have a hair piece that clips over a short ponytail and it looks like I have long curly hair, tied back really nice. I was thinking of having some small flower clips in my hair, and a veil. Would it be weird to use fake hair for your wedding?

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7 Responses to Question about fake hair on wedding day?

  1. optigan says:

    no, it wouldn’t be weird! it is just how you always wanted you hair for your wedding so it would be perfect. people get fake nails for their weddings. and fake tans. so why not fake hair?

    by the way i love the flower clip idea. i think they’re so pretty

  2. чaнoo'ѕ ѕωєєтнєαят♥ says:

    nope :]

  3. Sara says:

    I personally think that it would be weird to use fake hair for your wedding but it’s YOUR wedding; do whatever cooks your rice. 🙂

  4. Garrett S says:

    only if the hair piece looks cheap/fake

  5. poe boi says:

    Its your day, if you feel you look better with synthetic hair wear the synthetic hair

  6. Larissa W says:

    No it is not weird, a lot of women do it. Just make sure that the hair looks real. Put in the hair, and take a picture. If you can see a color difference or if it looks weird don’t do it. Pictures will give you an honest view of how it really looks!

  7. SarahM81 says:

    Not weird at all if it looks nice. I would definitely have a hairdresser do it though that’s worked with extensions before.

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