2 Responses to recommend nice hairstyles for school?photos pls?

  1. melanie says:

    here are some hairstyles i find really nice.

    1. Straighten hair
    2. Loosely curl random (or all) pieces of hair with a curling tong
    3. Pop on a headband.

    1. Use texturizing spray all over hair, then scrunch and mess hair up
    2. Pull hair back into messy bun, leaving some pieces of hair at the front falling out to frame the face (to do a messy bun simply twist hair back onto itself and secure with bobby pins or a hair tie; if you dont know what I’m talking about you can YouTube it).

    1. Straighten hair
    2. Grab two small sections of hair on both sides of your head, plait them and then pin them back. Easy!

    Hope i could help!

  2. Elle says:

    Well, I would like to know your face shape as well to answer this better….

    You could curl your hair to compliment your face or straighten it to get the straight look or the edgy look with makeup.

    If you want to keep it the natural wavy hair, grab a lot of bobby pins, some hairbands, ribbons, other hair products like that etc and try different styles in the mirror.

    # Bobby pin to hold back the hair, showing the face completely.
    # Use bobby pins and hairband to create a messy bun
    # Grab the hair at the front, just a small amount from each side and put them back on the side making them meet at the back and tie it together with a hairband.
    # A simple ponytail.
    # Braid your hair.
    # Brush your hair on the top to the front, grab it and put it back on your hair on the other side like flipping it (to realize if your confused, push your hair in the middle back in a relaxed way to get it) and clipping it with the bobby pins.

    And many more which you can experiment with! It would be a lot of fun unless you hate doing your hair.

    Lastly, have fun! 🙂

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