'scene' haircut for very curly hair?

Hey guys. so Im looking for a scenish haircut for very curly hair, it can be frizzy, but its not wringlets.
Its about four inches past my shoulders and right now i just have once length. my hair isn’t thin, but it isn’t thick either!

any ideas 🙂

it kinda look like. https://www.celebrity-hair-styles-magazine.com/images/2006-hair-cuts-pictures-01.jpg
accept a little longer

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3 Responses to 'scene' haircut for very curly hair?

  1. Hebridean Black says:

    You could straighten your hair everyday, if you want to. I would suggest getting a haircut with short layers. "Scene" hair does not always have to be straight, if you want to keep it curly. There is no limit on what you do, you are who you are. If you really want other people to think of you as "scene," then go for it. You could keep your curly hair, and just do your makeup in the scene way. Here’s an example of curly scene hair: https://www.littleblackcherry.co.uk/ekmps/shops/yasmilena/resources/image/curly%20scene%20hair.jpg

  2. Hffgh Jghjhgj says:

    i suggest you to visit
    keep using answers.yahoo.com

  3. dunksnjordans says:

    scene is all about straight, so that wont work. scene is out anyway…

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