Short hair? Which style is best for me? Pictures included..?

I love my long hair but I got lice :((

My hair looks more or less like this (my face is not so round):

And these are pictures of short hair:






Do you like any of them?

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5 Responses to Short hair? Which style is best for me? Pictures included..?

  1. x~gawjus~x says:

    i dnt like any of them no offence but u really dont need to cut your hair go to a chemist /pharmacy and ask for the best head lice removal and youll be fine but keep your hair in like a pony tail so it wuld be harder for people around you to catch it
    good luck .xx

  2. drummer.girl777 says:

    You do NOT have to cut your hair because you have lice. Go to this website and search for the lice threads. Please don’t cut your hair until you’ve visited this site and asked for help.

  3. Seni says:

    well i think da first one will suit u it looks really nice =D gd luck =D

  4. Megan says:

    what?!?!?! I had lice, and I still have long hair! Cutting it wouldn’t help with lice at all anyway, they live in the roots. Try a lice shampoo, it kills the bugs, then comb out the eggs. Good luck!

  5. Jinan Mae says:

    Hey, you don’t need to cut your hair if you have lice. There is a shampoo that can be found at any drug store, pharmacy. The lice shampoo ruins hair but in return gets rid of the lice. I cut my hair when i had lice, this is what i did:

    good luck

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