Should i get a bob hairstyle? [Photo included]?

My hair is pretty damaged due to constant dying and straightening. But it’s still ooo-kay. I want a new look, i want to try a bob, maybe concave at the back and the front is a wee bit a-lined.

But problem is, my natural hair is kinda thick and curly (i straightened it for long hair), i am afraid it’d curl in a mess if i cut them short. Moreover, my cheeks are chubby, i scared i’d look like a dumbo if i get bob ..i’m in a dilemma. Any ideas?

P/S: If i dye my hair, i want it to be like light brown, but i am asian, i have to fix the roots often, its so troublesome. πŸ™

This is me.

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10 Responses to Should i get a bob hairstyle? [Photo included]?

  1. Ginger <3 says:

    Just get all the dead ends trimmed off. It might result in shorter hair but since you’re going for a bob, you shouldn’t mind, right?
    I don’t think a bob is right for you. Try some short layers that curve toward your face. Or if you’re going to do a bob, try an inverted one.

    For short, curly hair, here’s a look that can be so cute. Put in some curl definer and flip over and blowdry with a diffuser, while scrunching with your free hand.

    But like I said, your hair will look better longer than in a bob. I would go with the trim. Or you could do a long bob. (Yes, that exists.) As for dying it, don’t. It looks beautiful as it is.

    (Long bob)

    (Inverted bob)

    (Defined curl)


  2. blonde&brainy(: says:

    Awwww, your cute. And I like your hair!

  3. Wes says:

    I think the hair you have in the picture is nice. I don’t think you should get a bob. Keep the hair you have now…its nice.

  4. babiicakesssxo says:

    do not get a bob ! it would be way too harsh for your face shape.
    i think your hair looks gorgeous right now the way it is.

  5. indiangrl122 says:

    ii dont know but if a bob try that. But I think your natural hair right now is perfect! You should just get more layers if you really want to…

  6. Rusty says:

    You could get a bob style, the shorter the better would work with your face shape. The style looks good on asian ladies. Don’t change the color, though. Check crops for

  7. Rebbeca says:

    YES!!!my friend had the same dilema and it suited her perfectly.Although I think it would look better if you had it your natural colour and kept it to your shoulders (this would be easier to straighten and you could still style it).XD hope this helped

  8. RogueLynn says:

    Its up to you. πŸ™‚

    If you get a bob..have the salon trim your bangs it will give a nice look…like this pic:

    or if you grow out your bangs a bit, than your look can look like this:

    Here’s a site link that gives you many ideas for bob hairstyles:
    Yeah, highlights would be a nice touch, even if its a natural look.

    Good Luck πŸ™‚

  9. Ms. FoxyBrown says:

    No. You should keep the length you have. I think your hair is pretty.

  10. needAnswers says:

    Get the bob. btw…I am asian too, what colour do you use??

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