Should I get my hair cut like this?

So I basically love Kimberly Caldwell’s hair!
Here’s me now….
Do you think her hairstyle would look good on me?

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8 Responses to Should I get my hair cut like this?

  1. Saraa :3 says:

    I had the same haircut xD i actually took her pic and asked for the same haircut!
    Idk if its gonnna suite yu since the link you have put doesnt work x(

  2. Love&BeLoved. says:

    Yes, it would look great!

  3. riLeY.xoxo says:

    The haircut you want is so adorable, I think it would look great on you! and you look great with the haircut you have now as well

  4. Sadia Miah says:

    yeah it looks awesome and if it looks awesome on Kimberly Caldwell it’ll look great on you.

  5. tralalala says:


  6. Julz says:

    yes it would look so cute 🙂

  7. My Life As Carlee♥♥ says:

    it would look amazing on you! you have to perfect hair for it too. i say go for it! 🙂

  8. Palantir says:


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