3 Responses to Should I have my Hair Washed and Styled at the hairdresser before attending a friend's wedding?

  1. Shannon-soon-to-be-mrs says:

    I got my hair done at a salon the day that I got married. No, they don’t always wash your hair at the salon before they do your hair. Most of the time they will request that you wash your hair the day before or the night before that. It’s easier to work with hair that way. You will want to ask the salon you are going to how they want you do to that.

    And yes, I suggest having your hair done before attending your friend’s wedding… it’s a lot of fun to do!

    Good luck and have fun! =)

  2. Kam says:

    I like to have my hair washed an styled by the beautician. Some stylist will just style your hair only, but it has to be washed. They really like to wash hair at the shop. It comes out better to me. I’ve had my hair done for a wedding before just make sure both you and the stylist understand what you want.

  3. A W says:

    If you are doing curls with an iron or any heat, they will tell you not to shampooand condition…it will stay better…

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