Should I use clip on hair extensions for wedding day?

Has anyone ever used them? Do they last all day? I bought clip on real hair extensions that I plan on using for my wedding which is at 3pm and my receptions isn’t until 7-12am. So basically that is all day, and I am so scared some may fall out.
I don’t want to use clue or anything else like that because I am scared it may damage my hair so that is why I am considering clip on.

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4 Responses to Should I use clip on hair extensions for wedding day?

  1. says:

    yes, and I think if you use it with ribbon bows to coved the clip is better.
    and the white ribbon bow is good, it is good with the white wedding dress.

  2. Echo Two says:

    I’d ask your stylist about them and if she thinks they will last. Explain you don’t want to use glue. Then make an appointment for her to do your hair that day and she will have the tools to make sure they are good and secure and look right in your hair. Or if she can’t do your hair that day, make an appointment and have her (and anyone who might help with your hair) show you how to do it yourself. You don’t want to have to worry about it all day.

  3. patricia says:

    You can very well use clip in hair extensions for your wedding. Clip-in hair extensions are a great alternative to sewn-in or glued in hair extensions and require very little upkeep… Clip in hair extensions cost around $100-$200 dollars Pretty sure they said they were actual human hair.

  4. Habeeb says:

    if you go to your salon and ask them how to apply them or go on you-tube there are loads of tutorials I bought my clip ons from and i lovethem 🙂 x

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