Should my fiance dye his hair for our wedding?

My future husband is 27 and his hair is about half gray, I love him the way he is and I don’t think he should dye it. He wants to though, and my maid of honor also thinks he should because she thinks it’ll look better in pictures. What do you think? Dye the hair or not?

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  1. Joe T says:

    Dye it. Make him look young before he gets beaten down for the remainder of his life

  2. okamimure says:

    not because i’d want to remember him in the pictures just the way he is now and forever. what if you dyed your hair some different color? it’d be weird seeing your pictures and knowing that’s not your natural hair color wouldn’t it?

  3. fizzy stuff says:

    Its completely up to him.

  4. Joshua Lee says:

    I’m 22 and have several white hair. Get "just for men" they claim to only dye the gray hairs. However do it atleast a week before so it has time to fade out some or he may look like a freak bc ppl are use to seeing him with different hair. But I mean if he does or doesn’t your still going to be his wife. However I’ve used "Just for men" its a little dark at first but once it fades its got a natural look to it.

  5. Camille Cutajar says:

    You love him as he is. What the maid of honor thinks is irrelevant. However how he feels isn’t.
    Speak to him, explain how you feel and you could also tell him that gray makes him look distinguished, and finally let him decide. After all as a girl, you will be putting on heels, make-up and doing up YOUR hair, so why not him?

    A piece of wedding advice is… life is about the two of you, when people get involved it complicates the relationship and makes is harder to reconcile differences. You become 2 against 1 rather than 2 trying to be 1.

    Congratulations and good luck.

  6. cjsmummy says:

    tell MOH this is none of her business – and you will have pretty pictures because this will be one of the best days of your life and NOT because he dyed his hair!

    your thoughts on the matter are are his – and ultimately,it is HIS decision.if dying his hair will make him feel better,let him.just let him know that you love him as he is and that he doesn’t need to do this for you and he certainly doesn’t need to do it for others!i personally feel a little bit of grey in a mans hair makes him look distingushed 🙂

    just for men do a little bit of grey – you brush it in and some hairs are dyed and it still leaves some grey,perhaps that would be a good compromise?although dyes eg.feria,live are suitable for men even if they always have a woman pictured on the front

  7. mredsgal says:

    I don’t think he should. You want him to look like the man you feel in love with, don’t you?

  8. Bigsands says:

    Always try to look your best. If he wants a complete makeover as well as dying the hair, then go for it. His confidence will improve and you will enjoy being with him.

  9. Maryam says:

    I think this just depends on the decision you 2 decide, not others!!!!

  10. diamondcollector says:

    if he wants to… but people will notice and he will look stoopid.

    it’s not your call.

  11. Ruthie says:

    Dying his hair isn’t going to change the man that he is and THAT’S who you fell in love with, not the looks (I hope anyway) at the end of the day will some grey hairs covered up make you love him any less or change who he is? Not at all. If he really feels strongly about it he should do it. Its his wedding day too and he has every right to want to feel just as good about himself as the bride does. Think about it this way, most men have voiced that they prefer the natural look as opposed to makeup on women. That hasn’t stopped most of the female population from wearing makeup, why? Because they’re not doing it for the men they do it for themselves. They feel more confident, more put together, better than they do without it. Same with him and his hair.

    Your moh’s opinion doesn’t matter.

    p.s. as a teenager I used to dye my hair (no wacky colors just a nice blonde) I never looked stupid or weird in ANY pictures. The only reason I don’t do it anymore is the upkeep tends to get on the expensive side.

  12. Poodie says:

    If he wants to, then he should. No one else’s decision.

  13. Perse says:

    If it’s what he wants, he should.

    I would suggest he go to a professional and not out of the box.

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