8 Responses to Students are free to choose clothes and hair styles to school,what is the advantage and disadvantage?

  1. Jill says:

    The advantages are that the students may feel more attractive and self confident and more comfortable in the school environment.
    The disadvantages are that not everyone has the money, expertise, looks or parental permission to bring themselves up to scratch in the fashion world and therefore may feel out of place, have low self esteem, envy and get picked on by peers that consider them not trendy enough for their liking.

    A further disadvantage is that come weekend you are not going to enjoy the feeling of freedom of expression as much as if on other days you wear a uniform, because if you always wear free dress you don’t look any different to any other day.

    Another disadvantage is that students can get so wrapped up in how they look or what they might wear tomorrow, that they spend more time thinking of fashion, than learning the school work they are there to learn.

    This is where I believe school uniform is a real advantage, everyone looks pretty much alike and there are no double standards among students and come weekend everyone looks forward to the added treat of wearing the clothes of their choice all the more. However I think uniforms should be inexpensive, comfortable and simple so that everyone can afford them.

  2. Demian says:

    At college, it is an advantage because people are mature, highschool probably has to be more controlled since it’s the age of rebellion.

  3. jendralus says:

    The advantages; Freedom which includes freedom of expression, freedom of culture, Freedom in all senses.

    The disadvantages will be that the freedom gets out of control.

  4. juspreet says:

    At a young age they start making their own decisions.
    They can show their own self

    Their focus is deviated from studies.
    It may bring inequaility as rich kids will show off and poor will feel bad and inferior.

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  5. suzielu says:

    it would not be an advantage.
    If students can freely choose their clothes to skool, which means that the school has no uniform, there would be a big discrimination among people.
    As u can see it very obviously. The rich one can wear many branded clothes in the week while the poor student can just wear normal clothes.
    If there was uniform, all students would be the same, no rich students or poor students, cuz they’re all the same.
    Furthermore, u will spend more your time on studying than worrying what u’re gonna wear in the next day.

  6. lrad1952 says:

    Students feel that they can express themselves through their clothing and hairstyle choices. Some times this creates friction – when students with certain belief systems use their clothes as a banner or a shield. If there are different gangs represented in the school, wearing of gang colors can become dangerous.
    In the late spring and summer girls often wear skimpier clothing. At times it can become outrageous.
    Students whose families have more money are able to spend money on the "latest" fashions and trends. Students with less money to spend might feel bad about this. School includes so many stresses just in learning, no one needs the extra stress.

  7. lovely one says:

    The advantage of students choosing their own clothes, and hairstyles to school is the idea that they will look presentable. Some teenagers know the difference between neat, and clean, and some only know the hoochie mama look. Any advantage of freedom is good if you know how to use it. The disadvantage of free choice in clothes, and hairstyles for some students seem to be to look as bad as they can. What would make a young lady wear clothes so tight you’d think they were spraypainted on? Some guys think the color of the rainbow was invented just for their hair color. Expressing one’s own taste is one thing but have you seen kids going off to school lately ? I don’t want to get into the "my generation" thing but I will just a bit. When I was in highschool, my mom checked my attire when I left the house. I was taught to look like a young lady, and act like one. In my opinion when you dress like a lady of the night this is where your mind set is. If you are craving attention try getting an ‘A’ on your report card instead of a ‘D’, and I guarantee that your teacher’s, and parents will love you for it. Being in a different generation than I am should not change your outward appearance for the worse.

  8. amsu06 says:

    even in schools and colleges its time for study. they can concentrate on beauty and styles after their studies. however it cannot be avoided for many. they can use light makeups & simple hair styles.

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