Is this hairstyle possible on shoulder length hair?

I love Kristen Stewart’s love layers in this photo below:

However, I only have shoulder length brown hair (just slightly below the shoulders). Would this hair be possible with shoulder length, or should I wait until my hair is longer?
Thanks. 🙂
EDIT: I meant long layers, not *love* layers lol.

Tips on getting the Nathan Fillion Hairstyle?

How can I get the Nathan Fillion hairstyle. Ive recently had it cut and its the right length I just dont know how to style it in that fashion or what products to use. Truth is ive never styled my hair before ive always just combed it down.

heres a pic.,,, I know it might sound like a stupid question but i have no idea how to style hair

Long dark hair with front bangs, I need photos of this hairstyle?

Hey, I’m going to go get my hair cut soon and I would like to get a front bang but I don’t want it just completely straight like this :×357/slideshow-hairstyle2_476x357.jpg&imgrefurl=

But I want something similar to this layer type bang:,r:1,s:0&tx=40&ty=105

Hair Style???

Hey guys,

Just wondering if you could help with a hair style?

I have dirty-blonde hair, couple inches past my shoulders, thick, layered, slightly wavey at times but mostly strait……….

im wanting a curly sort of hair style (to go with boob tube dress) and instructions on how to do it and what products to use etc…

please help..

this is kind of what im looking for:

but my hair is longer..

pics and instructions please!!

thanks 🙂