What is a cute and easy hairstyle for school?

My hair is shoulder length (and I’m a girl), and I need something to do that is really easy and takes under around 10 minutes. I don’t have bangs, and my hair is slightly layered. Please, nothing that involves a straightener or curler because I’m definitely not talented with either. If anybody could direct me to some photos, links, or give me an idea, that would he absolutely fantastic. Please, don’t be rude!!

What would be a good hairstyle for me?

OK, so i have a heart shaped face and i need a new hairstyle!
Just a few things:
-I’m 16…and I’ll be going to 11th grade this fall!
-No bangs, coz that was my previous hairstyle
-I need it short, but long enough to tie a pony.
-I’m a brunette(if that helps (: )
-It would be great ifyou could include photos 🙂
I had a straight blunt in mind…would that help?

Help me find a wig for this hairstyle and color?

I am in a large 1 1/2 hour long play this weekend. The wig I was origonally using was destroyed in an unavoidable event.

So I need to order a wig online [I’d need express shipping, of course] to have it by this friday.

I need the wig to match this hairstyle:




I CAN style it, but the bangs and the length needs to be right, so it can be styled into that hair I pictured above.

The color is the most important part.

Now, I ask, does anyone know of a wig shop online that is AFFORDABLE [ I can’t spend more than on the wig itsself] that carries something I can work with to get the style I need?

blond vs pink: Get blonde highlights near the tips like Vanessa Hudgens or die tip of long black hair pink?

I’m so bored bored with my hair and want to do something other than my usual haircut,, my skin tone, and hair tone ( also hair cut) is almost exactly like Venessa (https://images.askmen.com/galleries/actress/vanessa-hudgens/pictures/vanessa-hudgens-picture-1.jpg)
except my hair now is completely black

Should I do the (normal) thing and die it exactly like her (Venessa https://www.celebrity-hair-styles-magazine.com/long-hair-style-teen-07.html)

Or shall I do the unexpected but cool thing and die the ends bright pink almost like this https://farm2.static.flickr.com/1387/1110130506_7b17ccf97b.jpg?v=0,keep in mind my hair is much longer so it won’t be such obvious. ( also won’t color my bangs)

To tell you the truth, I’d love to color the ends pink but my friendskeep saying that it’s old fashioned– since yes it was a major fashion like 8-10 years ago,

Blonde or pink (at the tips)?

I need a new hairstyle, but I'm clueless! (Photos included!)?

First off, do not make fun of my appearance.. I’m trying to work with my hair before starting on my face -__- So please be nice..

I hate my hair, I absolutely hate it. It’s so boring! And I can’t seem to do much with it because my baby hairs show too bad.. I need some sort of style, color, hair extension, permanent feather clip in, ANYTHING.. I have money to do whatever to it.. So throw your suggestions at me! Because I honestly have no idea what colors or styles would fit me.. I have fair skin and dark hair/eyes.. I want to make myself look more unique!

Me normal:

Me with bangs clips:
Oh and pictures are VERY MUCH APPRECIATED! Thanks 🙂

hair cuts for me and help with split ends?

i have kinda long hair it doesn’t seem that short to me but i want to grown my hair long (very long) and cut it like this(image on bottom). i am afraid if i wait until i grow it really long(i straighten my hair every day so it splits my ends) by the time i cut it i will get LONG split ends. how do i make them healthyand make the split ends go away?? (hard bc i have payers so i have to put it on my whole head) do you think this will work? the bangs and everything .

Does anybody have a picture of this hairstyle?

Does anybody have a picture of hair this length and this style:

But with bangs like this:

It can be your hair or from a Google Image Search.

Which hairstyle would be best for me [pictures included]?

This is me and my current hairstyle: https://photos-g.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc1/hs109.snc1/5086_1044984819868_1683064848_81150_1304120_n.jpg

Which hairstyle should i get:

Choice one: https://www.polyvore.com/cgi/img-thing?.out=jpg&size=l&tid=3599506

Choice two: https://8.media.tumblr.com/6MMMVbft3pdsczaqKSra46Tfo1_500.jpg [the girls hair not the guys lol]

Choice three: https://www.polyvore.com/cgi/img-thing?.out=jpg&size=l&tid=3599326

Choice four: https://s258.photobucket.com/albums/hh248/silent-airwavesxxx/hair/?action=view&current=scenehair8.jpg

I love Choice ones bangs.. But im scared to get my bangs cut that short. And i love twos hairstyle, but i dont know how good that would look with the bangs..

Which picture is your favorite for me? (:

wedding hair help for shorter hair?

My hair is sort of between shoulder and chin length. The bottom is layered and I have bangs. We are having a Star Wars wedding and was wondering how I could do my hair in a kind of sci fi style. I dont really care for the leia braids plus my hair isn’t long enough. Do you have any other sugestions.
I can’t do Luke style. I am a girl, I would like something sorta girly.
anything simple and easy that I can do my self, we are having a really simple plain/cheap wedding

Would this hairstyle look good on me? :]?

Okay so, I’m thinking about getting my hair cut tomorrow. I went to a new hair salon on thursday and they said if I came back they’d cut it (obviously enough). So tomorrow my mom is taking me out to get a new backpack and she said she’d take me to get my hair cut too if I want. I start grade 9 on the second (of september) so I gotta my hair cut soon if I want it cut before school therefore I have to get it done this week. Anyhow, back to the important stuff :p. In order to get the hairstyle I want I seriously have to commit to it, straighten it almost every day , gel the bangs, hairspray, get clips for weekends when I’ll leave it curly ect. Anyhow I’m so afriad I’ll get it cut and it’ll look horrible with it. My friends said it would look good, but for all I know they could just be humoring me. And no it’s not a matter of me not trusting them. Okay, totally rambling about unimportant stuff. So I’mma just post the pictures and save the "ew ur lyke so ugly" comments. I’m quite aware of that thanks, but that wasn’t my question :]. Oh and I’m also open to any suggestions of what you think might look better.

Me: https://img82.imageshack.us/img82/1341/sexxinacupow7.png

Hairstyle: https://photos-h.ak.facebook.com/photos-ak-sf2p/v196/84/16/578730610/n578730610_2529327_8584.jpg
Yes thank you for the "your not even scene" comment, please show me where I said I was? 😀 Learn how to read before you make a comment like that. I like the hair. That’s it, but way to be ignorant 😀

How to hairstyle – bangs?

I have naturally curly hair – and a lot of it -_-”
I’m new with my new hairstyle and is having trouble with it D:
I have those bangs that go almost across my forehead and everytime I straighten them, they lay too staight and fall down to my face and won’t stay in shape/place.
So in regard to that, how do I really set up my hair when its wet(after shower) – so when it drys it ‘hovers’ over my forehead without being flat, and has a curve to it so it could fit my face :D.

After the shower I set up my hair the way I want it to dry it as and then put my back hair in a low pony tail (to make my hair thinner) and then push my bangs back(to it could give it a lift/being kinda straight). :\

What I want is :: How do I set up my hair after the shower? Example: put it in a towel.

Here are some posed pictures of me with my "photo hairstyle"xD — which pretty much means after school – my hair is more relaxed so i take out my bobbypin and create my bangs.


And sorry >< these were the only photos i could find of myself with more view of the bangs 😀

PS: I take showers at night, but i wait until they are dry and then go to bed << if this might help 😀

hairstyle for dramatic diamond face? (photos?????)?

I have a narrowish forehead with wide high sharp cheekbones which then narrows sharply to a pointed chin. I want to accentuate my eyes and cheekbones. also my neck is longish and i am slim and tall.

what would be a good haircut to get (my hair is mid-neck, thick and i want bangs but i would rather not change length as i am growing it out to shoulder length)? photos please?

I want an emo-type hairstyle, and Im not sure what direction to go?

I have really long hair and its black. I thought that I may try something outrageously different with my hair layers and go for an emo look with bangs and everything – but im not very good at styling… anything, and I need a good picture to show my hairstylist? Any links to photos that would be good?
-and any tips on how to maintain this style once I get it?
-and YES ive already looked at emohairstyles.com.

Where can I get my hair cut like this?

For a reasonable amount of money in Toronto.

With my bangs like this:
(Second from the bottom.)

I was kinda disapointed last time, and I really want something awesome now..
Please help?

should i cut/trim my hair before my wedding hair trial / wedding?

i havent cut my hair since feb 27. so its been almost six months since i have cut my hair.
i have only blow dried it maybe 2 or three times (with the exception of blow drying my bangs almost daily) in the six months.
i condition it every time i wash it, and that is maybe every other to every third day.
i occasionally use a leave in spray conditioner.

i’m debating this because it costs money to get a hair cut and right now i dont have the money to be spending, and really have to budget the money that i do have for things like my wedding hair, my trial hair, my to be’s ring, waxes, etc that really are important to the wedding day!

my wedding hair is going to be like this::

so how important would it be for me to get my hair cut/trimmed NOW instead of waiting till i had money??
should the hair cut be a priority? or should i just skip out on it because i’m really tight on money.

i’d like to know how much of a priority i should make the hair cut for my wedding day.

What kind of a hairstyle would work best with this dress?

The dress is being used for a fairly formal party.


That’s the dress. I have brown hair, much lighter than the model’s, that goes down about the same length(4 inches past shoulders), with some layers and angles added in.

Suggestions? Thanks!

I also wanted to add that I don’t have bangs!