what color should i dye my hair for my wedding?

i just got really tan lately i have freckles green eyes and medium long hair..i have blonde highlights right now..I need to get my roots fixed I can’t decide if I should just add more highlights, dye it all black, or dye it blank and have a few blonde streaks kinda underneathish…or what.. help!

how should i do my hair for prom?

Dress has a sweetheart neckline with spaghetti straps, floorlength but form-fitting (if this matters). Hair is medium-long, light brown with blonde highlights and wavy. And face shape is pretty average. Do you think my hair should go down, up, or halfway up? This is for prom. Thank you for all suggesstions.

Should I die my hair to Ashley Tisdale's colour?

This is my hair colour right now

should i dye it this colour?

I have blue eyes and fair skin and I’m just wondering if it would look okay or if i should just get blonde highlights to be safe
I’ve wanted to dye it brown for a while and I’m tired of having blonde hair…it’s just I’ve never dyed it before
Or maybe this colour since its lighter?

where can I find a website with funky (but not too funky), unique hair colors and cuts?

Basically what I am looking for are pics of two-tone highlights (blonde/red, blonde/purple…) and great cuts to compliment the colors. I dont want anything insane like blue or green or some really ridiculous cut. Here is a pic of something similar I have had in the past. Hope you can see it…


Stuff like this is hard to find. I’ve spent numerous hours googling different combinations of words to filter pics I might like, but all that comes up are boring celebrity cuts, lame 80s/90s styles, and ridiculous dreads and mohawks. Currently my hair is dark brown with blonde highlights and about 5 in. past shoulders…really typical and boring for me. Please Help!

How long before wedding should I highlight hair?

I really want my hair highlighted for the July 4th holiday. I am getting married on July 10. Would it be okay to get my hair highlighted on June 30? I have light brown hair but have blonde highlights. I want to go really blonde for my wedding. I just don’t want my roots showing for the wedding photos. Any thoughts?

I need cute ideas for my prom hair style?

My hair is about 2-3 inches past my shoulders. It is naturally straight, no curl or wave to it at all. It’s thick. It’s brown with blonde highlights. I dont have bangs.

I need a nice style for prom. I want my hair down. I am willing to curl, wave, crimp, whatever, I just need styles that I can do while keeping my hair down that will still look really nice.