Is this hairstyle possible on shoulder length hair?

I love Kristen Stewart’s love layers in this photo below:

However, I only have shoulder length brown hair (just slightly below the shoulders). Would this hair be possible with shoulder length, or should I wait until my hair is longer?
Thanks. 🙂
EDIT: I meant long layers, not *love* layers lol.

wedding photoshoot hair solution?

I bought a halter a-line wedding gown so I can finally have my wedding pictures taken. But now I don’t know what to do with my hair. My husband hates when I put my hair up so I want to make it natural looking, I have brown LONG hair. And I don’t really like veils. What can I do? If you have an idea please include a link. I am a brunette, brown hair and brown eyes. Thanks!

Wedding hair and makeup suggestions?

Im a bridesmaid in my friends wedding this week, the dress is strapless ,floor length wine colored and simple but glamorous.I have brown hair about 3 inches past my shoulders with long layers, and hazel/green eyes and fair skin.Any sugestions on hair and makeup? Id like something glamourous i dont get a chance to dress up too oftem, thanks

What kind of a hairstyle would work best with this dress?

The dress is being used for a fairly formal party.


That’s the dress. I have brown hair, much lighter than the model’s, that goes down about the same length(4 inches past shoulders), with some layers and angles added in.

Suggestions? Thanks!

I also wanted to add that I don’t have bangs!

Any ideas for a cool hairstyle for a 14 year old girl?

I want it to be short like maybe just above my shoulders,no bob or pixie cut,and also would Likee to add some blonde as i have hazel brown hair but dont know how i should do it.
Thank you
Please make answers quick as im going to the hairdressers tomorrow.
Oh and if you want to add some photos that would be great.
Thank you.

(Photo) What hairstyle would suit me best?

I’m the one on the left with the brown hair. I want to try a new hairstyle, but I don’t want my hair to be TOO short. Would a fringe suit me? I have thicky wavy/curly hair. I’m after photos of hairstyles you think would suit me.

Cute, easy way to pull my hair back for a wedding?

I have brown hair that is a bit longer than my shoulders. I am looking for a cute, simple way to be able to pull it back for a wedding I have next weekend. It has to be something that is easy enough for me to do by myself and I don’t want it to look too "done". It’s just that my hair off my shoulders will look better with my dress.

Should I die my hair to Ashley Tisdale's colour?

This is my hair colour right now,r:6,s:0&tx=28&ty=37

should i dye it this colour?

I have blue eyes and fair skin and I’m just wondering if it would look okay or if i should just get blonde highlights to be safe
I’ve wanted to dye it brown for a while and I’m tired of having blonde hair…it’s just I’ve never dyed it before
Or maybe this colour since its lighter?,r:5,s:0&tx=62&ty=118

How should I do my hair for prom?

Prom issss this weekend!
My dress is red, long, and mermaid style, and I have brown hair that’s kind of long, but with layers. I really would like to do some kind of an updo, but I HATE tight updos with a passion.

What do you think I should do with my hair? Pictures would help please! 🙂

Thank you!
sorry i forgot to say my dress is a strapless, i don’t know if that helps or not.

How should my 13 year old little sis fix her hair for a wedding?

Hey, My sister, has such gorgeous hair. She’s like me and is Mexican and American. She’s got brown hair but with sun shining on it she has like red. She wears alot of ponytails because they look pretty on her and they are quick and easy. She sometimes wears it down, but it gets messy. Any hairstyle curly straight wavy whatever! Please help! I really want her to make her hair as pretty as it can be. We have a wedding to go to. So anything fancy, or anything that she could wear regularly. WHATEVER! Thanks alot!
-Yeli Em

What is a cute prom hair style?

I’m going to my first prom this year. I want to look extra cute for my boyfriend. But I’m horrible at doing my hair. I have brown hair with blond high lights. It’s about medium length hair with some layers and i have bages. I’m wearing a long samon pink dress. Please help me make it’s prom night the best night ever.

How shall I have my prom hair?

I have long brown hair.. (if you read my previous question.. it might be back dark blonde by prom) but anyway.. I don’t know what to do about my hair for my prom..
SO many girls are going tohave it curled..

Any ideas for straight hair?
(oh btw, I only have 2/3hours to get ready)
*Dress – long, strapless, cherry colour, with alot of detail on the top