Do hair stylists hate or like this question?

For all hair cutters or stylists, would you like it if someone were to tell you to do whatever you wanted to their hair? Cutting-wise I mean.

I’m asking because I’d really like to get a stylist’s cut, not because I brought in a picture of a celebrity, but because I got a cut from someone who sees my facial shape and can recommend a good cut. I would honestly be down with just about anything.

Do pixie hair cuts look good on oblong face shapes? im an omblong face shape
i want a hair cut like this,r:1,s:20&tx=140&ty=92
or this,r:4,s:0&tx=71&ty=86

Do pixie hair cuts look good on oblong (long) face shapes?,r:4,s:0&tx=71&ty=86,r:1,s:20&tx=140&ty=92

i want a cut like that,suggestions?

How should I do my hair?

Please Help!! I really want to change my hair cut. I grew out my bangs which used to be straight across and they are gone now. The hair is still not as long as my hair. I really need a picture of a celebrity with brown/dark hair that might be good for me. My hair is a medium length. Thank you for your help!! Oh, also please suggest a few so I can choose. The style can be bangs, no bangs, side bangs, whatever works!

How often should you get your hair cut?

I have hair down to about my nipple. I want really long hair but the last time i got it cut was January. (since then ive had it thinned 2 times.) If i get a trim to the top of my boobs, will my hair be really long in Feb?
Please post a picture of a celebrity with hair to about their boob, so I can show that to the hair dresser when i get there!

Pictures of Cute 2009 Hair cuts?

what is some cute hair cuts that is in for 2009, for medium length hair nothing short, if anyone has any pictures of hair please give the link, just regular girls,every time I bring in pictures of celebrity’s the hair stylist always say well they have hair extensions and she cant do it blah blah blah and iv already looked at photobucket


What celebrity has hair like this?

Okay so I am getting my hair cut soon and my hair is kind of plain and I want to get lonnnnnng layers. I part my bangs really far on the right and I was wondering if their was any celebrity or someone with hair like that so I could bring a picture in. Best answer- whoever puts a link to a celebrity or some random person with hair like this. It would help me a lot because I have looked everywhere and cant find any hair I like. I also bought one of those hair magazines and didn’t find anything their either 🙁 so pleassse help! thanks!
*the link didn’t work :/

good hair style celebrity maybe?

I wanna get my hair cut and I have alot alot to work with. im not sure how to get it done. can anyone think of a celebrity or someone i could recognize who has a really good hair style? i wanna get something good done. any suggestions would be sweet..
yah this is a picture of me but its really really old my hair is really long now