help with working a hairstyle?

im trying to grow my hair out long and its going pretty well, but im not sure what to do when it is long enough to do something with, like to cut it thin or something. this is what i want it to look somewhat like, the first one down, if you got any recommendations, id appreciate it, thank you.

What hair product should I use to style my hair like this…?,r:1,s:0&biw=1186&bih=634

what are the names of these hair cuts?


pleas help i wanna cut my hair lol

how do i get my hair like this?

i want the short bits of my hair at the front (kind of like fringe) to sweep to the side like these photos (jlo and khloe and kim kardashian)
how would i do this? i already have the short bits of hair, how would i straighten it and style it???
here are the photos:


Do you think Medium length bob haircuts look good on people with thin hair?

Hey ok so I might get my hair cut today and I was thinking maybe getting a bob hair cut…But i have thin hair do you think it will look good??

i kinda want my hair to look like this……….

How do I style my hair like this?

I have long layers just like her and I wanted to know how to style it like this because it is absolutely beautiful!
Linky Thing:
Thanks!! =]
Please go into detail if you can. Also Youtube videos would help alot if you could find one!

How do i get my hair done like this?
what kind of hair style is this, like what to say when I go to salon.
Thanks in advance

How can I get Katherine Heigl's hair for my wedding?

I want this hairstyle

But this picture doesn’t show the style from all the way around. Where can I find photos of this hairstyle (or one exactly like it) from several angles, so I can show my hair stylist. Or does anyone know of a site that can give instructions for how to create this style?
Very helpful photos!

Does anyone know of a stylist in Indianapolis who works with chemically treated black hair that could pull something like this off

How do I make my hair like this [picture]?

I love this girl, I think her name is Lauren, anyway I love her hair.

I have curly hair already, so you can skip that step, but I’d really love it if you could tell me how she did it, thanks!

Should i dye my hair? If so which color? picture included!! (:?

okay so im going to get a hair but but should i die it blonde?

im going to get my hair but like this?

do you have any other hair styles that might look good
btw my style is abercrombie and hollister, pac sun, american egale etc.
soo i dont want anything too edge!!!

alrighty well thanks for help

love CARI <3(: (: (:

here is a picture of me

How do I get my hair to become wavy?

Can you please give me some tips on how to get my hair to look wavey?

Heres what I would like my hair to look like-

I have naturally curly hair but it doesn’t make a wave like this, it just does ringlits (how ever you spell it).

Any advice of what to do and what products I should use t oget this hair style?


How can I get my hair like this (picture in description)?

I’ve wanted to do this for a reallyyyyy long time and I have no idea how! please help!
Here it is! :,r:3,s:0

What hair do you like better on Lindsay?





Which hair style do you think is the best?

Ok i’m planning on getting a haircut but I can’t decide how to cut it. My hair is about 2in. past my shoulders and is straight. I’m looking for an easy hairstyle that won’t take a lot of time to fix in the morning. But it also has to be really pretty. These are my favorite hairstyles that ive found. Oh yeah if you could also explain why its your favorite would be great too.

Pictures of celebrity hairstyles and haircuts?

I have long hair and am looking for a new style. Does anyone know of any websites that have collections of of celebrity hairstyles and haircuts, or a website with a lot of haircut ideas in general?

Are there any celebrities whose hair you love? I have an idea of what I want, but I’m looking for some inspiration. Thanks!
I have long, thick, straight black hair that falls to the middle of my back. My shortest layers fall a couple of inches below my chin, and I have side bangs that are grown out (they used to be blunt, straight-across fringe).
I didn’t ask how to curl my hair with a curling iron; I already know how to curl it using a straightening iron anyways.

how can i get this type of hair style? and what size of curling iron should i use?

also, do you have any products in mind to use? thank yooouu
i couldnt find the link thingy but here is the website…

How can I get my hair to wave/curl?

I’d like to get this look. My hair length is just below my bra strap, I’ve tried using a small curling iron, and a medium but I just can’t seem to get it to come out right. Any tips?

Would this hairstyle be nice for a wedding?

And how can I achieve this hairstyle? I have a hard adding subtle curls to my hair cuz it’s so thick and I have a lot of it.

FYI I’m not a bridesmaid or anything haha, thanks everyone!

How do I get my hair like this (pictures)?

I want to be able to do my hair like this…

I have side bangs and my hair is longer than hers in that picture but I want to cut it like that. I don’t know how to style my hair like hers. I also want to be able to do it fast in the morning for school and stuff like that. Like 3-5 easy steps to know how to style my hair like that.
If you know anything about this PLEASE answer! Thanks!