bad luck w/hair cuts!! help!! explaining a hair cut & pics included?

i love Julie Chen’s hair cut & front/side bangs & layers but i don’t want it that short…like 5 more inches..i need help clearly explaining to a stylist this cut?!

hair cuts for me and help with split ends?

i have kinda long hair it doesn’t seem that short to me but i want to grown my hair long (very long) and cut it like this(image on bottom). i am afraid if i wait until i grow it really long(i straighten my hair every day so it splits my ends) by the time i cut it i will get LONG split ends. how do i make them healthyand make the split ends go away?? (hard bc i have payers so i have to put it on my whole head) do you think this will work? the bangs and everything .

How do i do this hairstyle?

i want to do this hairstyle. and my face structure is similar to angelina’s, and i want to try this out. How do i do it?

here is the picture: