how should I do my hair to be in a wedding?

i’m going to be the 2nd bridesmaid in my cousin’s wedding. it’s in august, but i want to try out hairstyles. it’s not really an option to go to a stylist. anyway, my hair is short (just past my jaw) and brown. the dress is strapless and green. i want to do something out of the ordinary, but i’m not sure what do to. plus, I can’t actually talk to the bride, because she’s in a completly different state then where I am and where her weddings taking place. Please Help! I’m desperate!

How should I wear my hair for my cousins wedding?

My cousin is finally marryin his girlfriend! Yay! Lol Anyways I want to kno how i should style my hair for that day. It’s in May in Seattle, which means humid n rainy. It’s formal. Not sure what I’m goin to wear.

My hair is very thick. Goes down to about an inch below my collar bone. It’s auburn. It is naturally wavy. I normally wear it in a pony tail but I want something extra special.


How should I do my makeup and hair? (wedding)?

I’m going to my cousin’s wedding next weekend and I’m not sure how to do my hair or makeup.
I’m not in charge of what I actaully "wear" because my mother already bought my dress.
I’m going to assume it’s white….
(I have black/dark brown hair, green eyes, and natural beige skin)- just in case that can help you answer