I have really really curly/frizzy/poofy hair. HELP!!!?

So i have really really curly hair. curly not WAVY!
i’m 14, and when i wake up in the morning i literally have like 40 minutes tops to get ready.
my hair is like really really curly and i have a lot of hair so that doesn’t really help… last year i had my hair straight like all the time, but this is year everything is just crazy and i’m really busy! so i have it straight when i have time to go to the salon.
i don’t like to use a straightener because it damages your hair so i usually just go to the salon and have it blow dried. my hair is like 2 inches under my shoulder and when i wash my hair and i get out of the shower it like shrinks and it’s literally like up to my shoulders. i tried using moose and it just got poofy.
if i wanted it to get like this, it could.


i tried using gel and it work for a while but recently it stopped working and it has gotten poofy again. one time i used conditioner and it looked okay for like 2 hours then it basically like shrunk. i really really need help because i want to be able to wear my hair down and curly and cute and stuff.
i want to be able to at least get it like this…

i know this is long but i am really very desperate…
please please HELP!!!!
just remember i don’t want to use a straightener or a curling iron or anything like that…

How do i style my short hair for a wedding?

i have short hair just below my chin. the bottom half is permed and the top is straight. i have no blow dryer cause it broke and i am broke…lol i am not very good at styling but i can give it a shot i have moose and a round brush straghtner curling iron waver and crimper but i am hair dumb plz help….!!!!

I have curly hair….how to get wavy hair.? EZ TEN POINTS?

I have extremely curly hair.

Its comparable to this…actually looks exactly like this but shorter: https://www.chiggyonline.com/curly-hair/img/long6-curly-hair.jpg

How can i make my hair similar to this??




help??? I only have a straightener & a curling iron ( one 1 inch and one 1.5 inches.)



How do I get my hair to look like this?

I don’t mean her bangs I just mean the curl in her hair! I have naturally curly hair but its more wavy so after I get out of the shower its really wavy unless I straighten it. If anyone has a detailed description thats better than just "use a curling iron" that would be nice. Thanks!!!


Going to a wedding tomorrow – tips for my hair?

I was planning on curling my hair with a big curling iron, I did it a couple days ago to make sure I liked it but without any products it won’t stay very long. What products do you recommend? I’m going to help the bride with things at around 10am and the wedding isn’t until 5pm. So I need this to last all day.

Any suggestions will help!! 🙂

How can I make my short hair cut look formal for a wedding?

I just got my hair cut into an inverted bob, and it’s adorable, but I am the matron of honor in a wedding in a few weeks and I need it to look like I spent good money on it, without actually spending the money. I am going to try to get a super skinny curling iron and play with it, but I am open to other suggestions. My hair is blonde, and the longest part of it is to my chin. Thanks!

How do I ge t the "the Notebook" style hair do?

In the movie "the Notebook" Aliee has the cutes 40-50’s pinup hair, but everywhere I look on the web dosn’t give me an modern way of doing it? I also have medium to longish hair, past my sholders, but its curly/wavy and hold curl really well when i use a curling iron. Exactly how can I get that kind of look? here is a picture of what i’m wanting…

and also

(that one you have to go down rarther to seee the big picture I mean)

Does anyone know how to style this hair style?
yes they are up-do’s but i reall yhave no experience in putting my own hair up like that..maybe i shouild have explained i need instructions

How should I do my hair and makeup for a wedding?

Im going to be attending a wedding, its an evening wedding and i have a black dress

i have long hair so im just thinking about keeping it straight…or if i should curl it with a curling iron
and for makeup im just thinking about wearing black eyeliner and mascara with neutral lips

any tips?

Could you please help me find a cute hair cut?

have shoulder length hair, and it’s kinda brownish blondish. I have kinda medium texture hair (its not like super thick but its not thin. My hair is wavyish. I love layers and sidebangs and everything. I’m willing to take like 10 minutes 2 do my hair everyday. I have a good straightner. I also have a blowdryer and a curling iron. I like side bangs too. I really like celebrity hair also. I want my hair to look decent when I dont do anything to it also though. Thanks so much for everybodies answers and a link would be helpful. Oh and if you need any more info please feel free to email me!! Thanks.

How can I get my hair to wave/curl?

I’d like to get this look. My hair length is just below my bra strap, I’ve tried using a small curling iron, and a medium but I just can’t seem to get it to come out right. Any tips?


How should I do my hair for the wedding I’m going to? Any Up-do advice?

I have long curly hair.
I usually wear it down, but want to do it up for a wedding.
I can’t afford to have it done, and don’t want it to be any thing very difficult to do. Any advice? I would like to have curls coming down…maybe not even curls, I could straighten some pieces a bit with the curling iron? any advice is SO appeciated! Thanks!

How to do your own hair for your wedding?

Im getting married in less than a month, I know im cutting it close and probably should have thought about all this way earlier. I am getting married on the beach and i know that i want loose curls with my hair half up and half down with a flower of some sort. I have yet to practice, but i want some advice on how to make the perfect curls? should i use curlers or a curling iron, i dont want to be stressed over my hair on my wedding and i want something easy and that i know will look perfect. any ideas? i have wavy hair, i mostly straighten it and can be worn curly.
I cant really go to a hair salon, im getting married in Jamaica and im not so sure i want the hair salon there to do it, besides i want something simple enough, that im sure i can do it and it still look good.