Curly hairstyle that goes with a hat?

I’ll be wearing a black hat, similar to this one, but a bit more elegant:
I have thick, light brown, naturally curly hair.
I don’t want to straighten it and I don’t want it to be ruined when I put the hat on and off several times!
Which hairstyle would you recommend to me?

Photos would be really helpful! πŸ™‚

I have really really curly/frizzy/poofy hair. HELP!!!?

So i have really really curly hair. curly not WAVY!
i’m 14, and when i wake up in the morning i literally have like 40 minutes tops to get ready.
my hair is like really really curly and i have a lot of hair so that doesn’t really help… last year i had my hair straight like all the time, but this is year everything is just crazy and i’m really busy! so i have it straight when i have time to go to the salon.
i don’t like to use a straightener because it damages your hair so i usually just go to the salon and have it blow dried. my hair is like 2 inches under my shoulder and when i wash my hair and i get out of the shower it like shrinks and it’s literally like up to my shoulders. i tried using moose and it just got poofy.
if i wanted it to get like this, it could.

i tried using gel and it work for a while but recently it stopped working and it has gotten poofy again. one time i used conditioner and it looked okay for like 2 hours then it basically like shrunk. i really really need help because i want to be able to wear my hair down and curly and cute and stuff.
i want to be able to at least get it like this…

i know this is long but i am really very desperate…
please please HELP!!!!
just remember i don’t want to use a straightener or a curling iron or anything like that…

How to make african american hair curly without it frizzing up?

I want my hair to be nice and curly, without it frizzing up after a couple hours. I have african american hair, its relaxed and I tried products that are suppose to make our hair curly but its failed. please tell me any ideas or tricks you have. NO WEAVE,r:3,s:104&tx=-41&ty=-102
^ heres a link to how I’m hoping my hair could look like.

'scene' haircut for very curly hair?

Hey guys. so Im looking for a scenish haircut for very curly hair, it can be frizzy, but its not wringlets.
Its about four inches past my shoulders and right now i just have once length. my hair isn’t thin, but it isn’t thick either!

any ideas πŸ™‚

it kinda look like.
accept a little longer

How can I style my hair like this?

I had cut my hair over a year and a half ago to a bob-length style that hit just above my shoulder. I let it grow out a bit and by that upcoming summer it was just about at my collar bone. Now, my hair has grown about 5 inches since then. Is that fast hair growth? How can I help my hair grow another 5 inches by summer 2011? And also, how can I style my hair to look like this?,r:21,s:27&biw=1280&bih=591 Or is it not long enough yet?

I also have layers in my hair that are at they’re shortest at shoulder length. I Have natural wavy-curly hair too.

Wedding hairstyles for naturally curly hair?

I have shoulder length, naturally curly hair a la Rebecca Gayheart and Jennifer Grey (Dirty Dancing). I’m trying to find pictures to show my stylist for my May wedding. I’ve looked at theknot, weddingchannel,, and pretty much everywhere else you can think of. If anyone has REAL pictures, or some great pictures of naturally curly hair please let me know!! I have absolutely no idea! Thanks!

How should I do my hair for my wedding?

I have medium length blonde hair… it’s right above the shoulder or just at it. It’s wavy but can easily go straight or curly… I’m looking to get it professionally done.. I also am wearing a veil and blusher… and possibly a tiara.. does anyone have any good ideas for how I might want to do it?..

Here are some pictures of me with my hair straight and curly so you can get a better idea of what I’m working with..:
Well I’m looking for an up-do style.. and the picture of me with curly there isn’t really a good pic honestly.. but you can see how it goes both ways…
oh yea.. and the curly hair pic my hair wasn’t 100% dry yet.. the curls do get softer and all once they dry. Thank you for all the answers so far! If anyone has any pictures of hair that they might think would be nice or that I could bring to the hairstylist if I liked feel free to post them!

What are some females in anime/video games with back length brown hair that wear wedding dresses at some point?

im going to con and have euphemia’s wedding dress (from the code geass art book) but my wig got lost when my sister moved to china and i don’t have the mula to buy a new one.
hence the question above. can be curly or straight (i naturally hav curly hair)

How should I wear my hair for my wedding?

I have naturally curly hair that is quite long (down to the middle of my back). I’m just wondering if anyone has any suggestions for how I should wear it for my wedding. I would really prefer links to pictures on the internet rather than descriptions.
Okay, just to clarify, I don’t want to straighten it. My fiancΓ© said he was first attracted to me because of my curls.

How to hairstyle – bangs?

I have naturally curly hair – and a lot of it -_-”
I’m new with my new hairstyle and is having trouble with it D:
I have those bangs that go almost across my forehead and everytime I straighten them, they lay too staight and fall down to my face and won’t stay in shape/place.
So in regard to that, how do I really set up my hair when its wet(after shower) – so when it drys it ‘hovers’ over my forehead without being flat, and has a curve to it so it could fit my face :D.

After the shower I set up my hair the way I want it to dry it as and then put my back hair in a low pony tail (to make my hair thinner) and then push my bangs back(to it could give it a lift/being kinda straight). :\

What I want is :: How do I set up my hair after the shower? Example: put it in a towel.

Here are some posed pictures of me with my "photo hairstyle"xD — which pretty much means after school – my hair is more relaxed so i take out my bobbypin and create my bangs.

And sorry >< these were the only photos i could find of myself with more view of the bangs πŸ˜€

PS: I take showers at night, but i wait until they are dry and then go to bed << if this might help πŸ˜€

How do I make my hair like this [picture]?

I love this girl, I think her name is Lauren, anyway I love her hair.

I have curly hair already, so you can skip that step, but I’d really love it if you could tell me how she did it, thanks!

What haircut would look good on me?

I have long, thick, curly hair and an oval face shape. What haircut should I get? If you can describe refer to celebrity haircuts that would be great. I’m sick of my hair, its so annoying and always up because its way too frizzy and annoying. I’m looking to keep my hair longish, but I want to change up the style. Suggestions?

I have curly hair….how to get wavy hair.? EZ TEN POINTS?

I have extremely curly hair.

Its comparable to this…actually looks exactly like this but shorter:

How can i make my hair similar to this??


help??? I only have a straightener & a curling iron ( one 1 inch and one 1.5 inches.)



How do I get my hair to become wavy?

Can you please give me some tips on how to get my hair to look wavey?

Heres what I would like my hair to look like-

I have naturally curly hair but it doesn’t make a wave like this, it just does ringlits (how ever you spell it).

Any advice of what to do and what products I should use t oget this hair style?


How do I get my hair to look like this?

I don’t mean her bangs I just mean the curl in her hair! I have naturally curly hair but its more wavy so after I get out of the shower its really wavy unless I straighten it. If anyone has a detailed description thats better than just "use a curling iron" that would be nice. Thanks!!!×0.218×319.jpeg&imgrefurl=

How to get a hair style like this?

Hey guys,
I’m pretty good with my hair, but I have not been able to get it to look like this:

(just look at the hair please, britney doesn’t matter).

I have naturally curly hair that I can make straight with a hair straigtner. Does anybody have any ideas?

(Photo) What hairstyle would suit me best?

I’m the one on the left with the brown hair. I want to try a new hairstyle, but I don’t want my hair to be TOO short. Would a fringe suit me? I have thicky wavy/curly hair. I’m after photos of hairstyles you think would suit me.

How should I do my hair for prom?

I have curly hair a few inches past my shoulders. Prom is in mid-May, so I don’t think I can just wear my hair down without it being too hair sprayed (because otherwise it will get frizzy). Any ideas of how I should do my hair? My dress is peach with crystals across the chest and is one strap. By the way, I would prefer not to have a bun or ponytail on the side because it would look weird in different camera angles for pictures. Thanks for the help!

Having trouble finding a photo of a hairstyle I want. Please help?

Alright, I have naturally curly hair, about mid-length, long layers. I’m wanting to try the side swept bangs, but I can’t find a good photo of it. My hair appointment is for Thursday, Chuck is pretty trendy, but pictures are always nice to have.
Any pictures you can find are greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance!
Yes! Thank you sssoooo much. I didn’t even think of google. Yahoo image search image kind of sucks. Thank you again!

What are some nice ways I could wear my hair to my moms wedding?

I have shoulder length, brown and curly hair. It doesn’t straighten nicely, and it doesn’t blow dry nicely, and it doesn’t air dry nicely. I wear my hair in a pony tail all of the time, so my mom says I can’t do that for the wedding.

So what are some things I could do with my hair for my moms wedding? Because I’m running out of ideas. (I’m walking her down the isle, but I don’t want to look real fancy)

What hairstyle should i do for my grade 8 graduation photo?

I don’t really want straight hair because it makes me look really boring and dull. I like curly hair but not frizzy. I have a oval face and i am medium tan skin. I am also somalian. I like the top of vmy hair straight but the bottom curls but i don’t think it will look nice with me. I have medium length hair ( a bit longer then my shoulder) and its dark brown. I don’t want to cut it extremely.
Can you please get a site that shows the perfect hairstyle for me!!

What kind of hairstyle would suit a girl with curly hair and glasses?

Alright, I wear glasses and when I look up hairstyles for people with glasses, they are usually straight and layered. It’s kinda hard to layer curly hair.
My hair is not the curly like an afro, but it’s more like Hermione Granger’s hair from Harry Potter. It’s bushy and hard to tame.
So, does anyone know any websites or have any photos of hairstyles that are good for a girl with bushy hair and glasses?

Would this hair style work with my hair?

I have incredibly curly hair. I am lucky because they are nice curls and barely ever frizz or poof. I really like this style. I would be happy to straighten my hair but I was worried about what I would do on the days when I don’t have time to straighten it. I think the only bit I need to worry about is the fringe



How to achieve Farrah Fawcett's feathery hairstyle?

I been looking at photos of Farrah Fawcett lately and I really liked her hairstyle. It’s a pain in a rear to style my hair since I have rather long, wavy and slightly curly hair. Will anyone give me tips or a step-by-step procedure on how to get this hairstyle? A video tutorial would be a beneficial too.