Any pictures of this type of Scene hairstyle?

Hey everyone, I’ve been wanting to get a scene hairstyle for while but the scene hairstyle I want has side-swept bangs and I was straight-across bangs, which would make the hairstyle different. I have long waist length dark brown hair, and it’s kinda thick.
My hair looks kinda like this;,r:21,s:89&tx=64&ty=44&biw=1024&bih=533

The style I want;

(Without the strikes)
So, should I get my hair cut like that, or wait until my bangs have grown?

How should I do my prom makeup & hair?

I have dark brown hair & medium brown eyes. Big eyes, full lips but bad bone structure, I also have a beige skintone with bronze undertones. I have a black & cream colour dress. I also have chest length hair. What colours would go nicely with my dress & skin ? & what hair style would go nicely with it ?

What should my hair look like on my wedding day?

I have an oval face and dark brown hair. I am tall (to the point I had to add length to my gown) and have a strapless champagne slight pick-up dress. I wanted my hair to be ‘braided’ like in a celtic old fashion way but the hairstylist couldn’t do what I wanted. I don’t want the typical wedding poof and curls, but have a tiara like headband and veil. I basically want something beautiful but different and all up to show off my necklace. Any suggestions?

Prom Hair?

okay my prom dress is long and black sparkly, and skintight to my hips, and flowy not poofy after that. It has a ruffle down one side, and is a spaghetti strap halter top.

I have really long dark brown hair, and i really want to show off how long my hair is, but i don’t want to curl it.

What are some hairstyles that i could do, pictures please?
I was thinking along the lines of half up half down?
Thanks! If you need more info just let me know.

How can I do my hair for prom with a tiara?

I am on the prom court for my Junior prom, and I have to wear a tiara. It’s not a clip or anything, it’s a full tiara. I was wondering if someone could help me with hairstyles that won’t get messed up if I choose to take the tiara out. It’s a little painful if I have to wear it the entire night. I have long dark brown hair and a middle part, no bangs. Thanks!

How should I do my makeup and hair? (wedding)?

I’m going to my cousin’s wedding next weekend and I’m not sure how to do my hair or makeup.
I’m not in charge of what I actaully "wear" because my mother already bought my dress.
I’m going to assume it’s white….
(I have black/dark brown hair, green eyes, and natural beige skin)- just in case that can help you answer

Any ideas for prom hair styles?

I have dark brown hair, it goes to the middle of my back, and my bangs go to my chest line. My dress is black and red and is a medieval/Victorian style dress. The prom theme is a Masquerade. I want may hair up so I don’t die of heat exhaustion. So any ideas? Prom is in 2 months. HELP!
I want kind of a gothic style hairstyle.

How do I do my sister’s hair and makeup for her wedding?

My 18 year old sister is getting married in Las Vegas next week. She is on a very tight budget and I will be with her. She cannot afford to have her hair and make-up done.
I am proficient at applying make-up, I just would like some color ideas for a wedding.

Her hair is the big issue, she has thick shoulder length (no layers) dark brown hair. It is straight and reletivly easy to work with.

To give you an idea of her looks and coloring, think of Sandra Bullock, they could be twins.

Any help would be appraciated.
I should add that she is wearing a very simplt tiara and veil