(For Females) Is this hairstyle attractive to you? Would it look good on me in your opinion?(pictures included

I was thinking about doing this but im not sure… i want to know how it is a because i don’t want to have a hairstyle, regret it and not be able to do too much about it because my hair grows slowly. i want to cut it because it s hard to take care of but want to know if its worth cutting.
Here are a few pictures of me with different hair styles, which one looks better?
Here’s what i want(something like this)

Here were my other hairstyles:

Whats the best online hair salon, the kind that u can try diff styles online for free??

Do any of u guys know any online hair salon, u know the kind that u can upload ur pic and try different hair styles and colors to see how u look before getting a hair cut and its free, u dont have u pay anything at all to use it? (something similar to www.thehairstyler.com)
thanx eveyone.

Does anyone know of any website that you can take a picture and switch hairstyles for free?

I am wanting to inquire on finding a free website that you can take a digital picture of you and then place different hair styles/colors to that picture. I know Cosmo used to have one for the computer but I haven’t been able to find one for free online. I want to change my hair but want to try different styles without being stuck with the style. PLEASE HELP!