Trying to find a wedding hairstyle for natural curly hair??

I’m bi-racial and trying to find a hairstyle for my wedding in a couple of weeks. I have a round face and my hair is shoulder length, tight curls. I would like to wear a informal wedding hairstyle. its a outside wedding and my dress is very simple. I was thinking of maybe putting a flower in my hair instead of a veil, but I’m not able to find any pics for natural curly hair. I was thinking of maybe straighten it and then just wearing it down, but I’m not sure. I have also thought of just wearing my hair natural down. any help would be greatly appreciated.

I'm having a turquoise and chocolate wedding, can anyone help with hair accessories?

We’re going to be carrying turquoise and chocolate calla lily arrangements, and want to have pin up style hair with flowers on the side. Do we need to keep the Calla Lily motif, of could we deviate from that and have a bigger, more tropical looking flower?
And where is a good place to find something like this? I’m having trouble finding good hair pieces.

Where do I get flowers for my hair on my wedding day?

I don’t want real flowers, have a feeling it’ll cost a ton and my florist is already taking all of my money…lol. Where can I get fake orchids that look real enough to put in my hair? I thought of Michaels’ but they might be too large. Any ideas, websites, etc.?
Also, do I have to already have those flowers for my hair trial next week, or will just the veil be enough?

Emily R, I disagree. The well-made ones don’t look fake, and I think it would be much easier to prepare if I had a fake flower all ready, than have to worry about a real one wilting before I even get to the ceremony!

Wedding hair opinions please?

I’m having a beach wedding. I found a simple half-up do that I really like. I’d like to wear a flower on one side (kinda behind my ear) and possibly some small flowers in the back where my hair is pulled back. What kind of flowers should I get? Real ones? The kind from a craft store? The kind that they sell in the wedding aisle of craft stores? And do you think I should stick with white (my dress is white) or go with a little color? Thanks!

What do you think I should put in my hair for my wedding?

I am getting married on the beach and do not want a veil. I thought about maybe a flower, but I want to incorporate my wedding color somehow. My color is bright green. I would look weird with a bright green flower in my hair so how can I do this? I just want a little pop of color. Thanks for the help! Pictures would be great. I don’t know how I am going to wear it yet. That will depend on the hair accessory I choose. Thanks!

Question about fake hair on wedding day?

I have recently cut my hair just above my shoulders, and our wedding is in ten days. I have always wanted to have long curly hair when I got married, and I have a hair piece that clips over a short ponytail and it looks like I have long curly hair, tied back really nice. I was thinking of having some small flower clips in my hair, and a veil. Would it be weird to use fake hair for your wedding?

How to do your own hair for your wedding?

Im getting married in less than a month, I know im cutting it close and probably should have thought about all this way earlier. I am getting married on the beach and i know that i want loose curls with my hair half up and half down with a flower of some sort. I have yet to practice, but i want some advice on how to make the perfect curls? should i use curlers or a curling iron, i dont want to be stressed over my hair on my wedding and i want something easy and that i know will look perfect. any ideas? i have wavy hair, i mostly straighten it and can be worn curly.
I cant really go to a hair salon, im getting married in Jamaica and im not so sure i want the hair salon there to do it, besides i want something simple enough, that im sure i can do it and it still look good.

Any suggestions on what kind of flowers to use in hair for wedding?

I am the maid of honor in a wedding this weekend, and I will be fixing my own hair. I want to wear in a low bun like style with a flower in my hair. So I use a real flower or an artifical? The dress is a clover green and my flowers that I will be carrying will be peach. Any suggestions on what to do with my hair would be great. Thanks!