Does anyone know of a good site for making crystal beaded hair combs for a wedding?

Making a special hair comb for best friends wedding in Las Vegas at MGM Grand the dress is exquisit want the hair piece to be awesome too I have beautiful crystal beads as well as lace and silk to make flowers maybe? in a site possible Video gouge Thanks ASAP Alexis

wedding dress and hair style(picture inside)?

Would this hair style go with this dress



I will wear a tiarra or flowers I havent decide yet which one and i will also wear a veil, the ones that can tuck in the back and cover the face to walk down the aisle. i will take the veil of after the first dance.

What kind of hairstyle or cut should I do? Clothing style ideas?

I am a mother of 2 and a stay at home mommy. I am in my 20’s, and wish to look nice, my hair is curly(medium) and is a dark lager or maple syrup color, it has never taken perms or dyes well and last time i tried getting it straightened it all fell out so… thanks for all your advice! Oh and I am 120 pds and 5’4” and have larger calves as I used to run all the time and they never went away. I just want my kids to not be embarassed by me when they are older and for my husband to want to buy me flowers every once in awhile, also I dont mind cutting my hair and could you provide links to photos showing what you mean?

I'm having a turquoise and chocolate wedding, can anyone help with hair accessories?

We’re going to be carrying turquoise and chocolate calla lily arrangements, and want to have pin up style hair with flowers on the side. Do we need to keep the Calla Lily motif, of could we deviate from that and have a bigger, more tropical looking flower?
And where is a good place to find something like this? I’m having trouble finding good hair pieces.

where can I get hair flowers for a wedding party?

I’m wearing metallic pink with goldish embroidery on it and I’m looking for something in pink or gold for my hair. hair combs or flowers would do fine. I have thick wavy hair so bobby pins or other small pins won’t work! I’d prefer clips, combs or claw pins attached to the back.

I can’t find them anywhere! any suggestions if i want to make my own or any online stores?

Wedding hair opinions please?

I’m having a beach wedding. I found a simple half-up do that I really like. I’d like to wear a flower on one side (kinda behind my ear) and possibly some small flowers in the back where my hair is pulled back. What kind of flowers should I get? Real ones? The kind from a craft store? The kind that they sell in the wedding aisle of craft stores? And do you think I should stick with white (my dress is white) or go with a little color? Thanks!

any good ideas for wedding hair styles please help x?

i am only 20 and getting married in october i want a really beauitful hair style for my wedding, dont care if its up or down. (bare in mind my hair will be shoulder length then and its not the thickest.)
i want either flowers in my hair, or a clip. im not wearing a veil so i need something stunning, thanks all x

I need help finding wedding hair pictures?

I am getting married on the beach. My dress is very beach casual. I want my hair to be loose waves with flowers in it. I know I have seen this in the past. The hair down with flowers (daisys) in the back, almost like how a barrette would look if you just pulled half your hair up and clipped it. Almost like a 60’s flower child. I know this is very broad, but I need help.

Any suggestions on what kind of flowers to use in hair for wedding?

I am the maid of honor in a wedding this weekend, and I will be fixing my own hair. I want to wear in a low bun like style with a flower in my hair. So I use a real flower or an artifical? The dress is a clover green and my flowers that I will be carrying will be peach. Any suggestions on what to do with my hair would be great. Thanks!

Does anyone know of a website with pics of wedding hair ideas for long curly hair?

I have long (slightly past shoulder length) curly brown hair. Without "product" the curl goes to just wavy, but with the help of Aveda Be Curly I get long, loose, ringlets that my Mom calls "bolongna curls".

Anyway, I want to wear my hair down and curly for my wedding, probably with no veil, but possibly either with a tiara or flowers.

Does anyone know of a website that has pics of different curly wedding hairstyles? I’m going to hair salons to "audition" hairdressers and I’d like to have some ideas to show them…

Thanks so much 🙂