What hair product should I use to style my hair like this…?


how do i get my hair like this?

i want the short bits of my hair at the front (kind of like fringe) to sweep to the side like these photos (jlo and khloe and kim kardashian)
how would i do this? i already have the short bits of hair, how would i straighten it and style it???
here are the photos:




How do I make my hair like this [picture]?

I love this girl, I think her name is Lauren, anyway I love her hair.

I have curly hair already, so you can skip that step, but I’d really love it if you could tell me how she did it, thanks!


Which hair style do you think is the best?

Ok i’m planning on getting a haircut but I can’t decide how to cut it. My hair is about 2in. past my shoulders and is straight. I’m looking for an easy hairstyle that won’t take a lot of time to fix in the morning. But it also has to be really pretty. These are my favorite hairstyles that ive found. Oh yeah if you could also explain why its your favorite would be great too.


How can I get my hair to wave/curl?

I’d like to get this look. My hair length is just below my bra strap, I’ve tried using a small curling iron, and a medium but I just can’t seem to get it to come out right. Any tips?