maplestory free hairstyles?

hi everyone. i am a beginner in maple story. i have one question about this game. i have a girl character, but i don’t really like the hairstyles they gave us to choose at the beginning. i am just wondering, is there any way in the game that you can buy yourself a prettier hairstyle? when i say "buy", i don’t actually mean to spend money, i mean the "meso" money thing in the game. i know that you can buy with real money, but can you get free ones or the ones you buy with "meso"? if you can, please tell me the location to buy and if there is any level expectations.


what are some sites where i can download hair for free on the sims 3?

Well I see alot of people with new hair styles and stuff thats not at the sims 3 store, So what are some sites where i can download hairstyles for free and really easy to do..I’ve tried peggyzone but it didnt work and its complicated?????????Please help me, the game it getting really boring with these same Dumb hairstyles.Thank You

Should I wash my hair the night before prom?

Prom is tomorrow night and I’m wearing my hair half up – half down. My hair is very dry, thick, and curly so I can go days without washing it, but I had a game tonight and it has dirt in it and it hasn’t been washed since Tuesday night. Should I go ahead and wash it or just brush it and leave it alone?

Also, if I should wash it should I straighten it or just leave it alone?

Where can i find free sims 2 hair downloads with the mesh as well?

I need some help with some new hair styles for both male and female sims, because I was bored with the ones you get on the game. I have about 2 downloaded hairs but i dont know where i got them, my bro got them for me. So if someone could list some websites and the websites that are FREE WEBSITES, not the donating ones, that would be nice. Please and thank you :D.