blond vs pink: Get blonde highlights near the tips like Vanessa Hudgens or die tip of long black hair pink?

I’m so bored bored with my hair and want to do something other than my usual haircut,, my skin tone, and hair tone ( also hair cut) is almost exactly like Venessa (
except my hair now is completely black

Should I do the (normal) thing and die it exactly like her (Venessa

Or shall I do the unexpected but cool thing and die the ends bright pink almost like this,keep in mind my hair is much longer so it won’t be such obvious. ( also won’t color my bangs)

To tell you the truth, I’d love to color the ends pink but my friendskeep saying that it’s old fashioned– since yes it was a major fashion like 8-10 years ago,

Blonde or pink (at the tips)?

Does anyone have any photos of a hairstyle that has…?

A bob, with long layers underneath? If anyone has seen the movie remake of The Karate Kid, then you’d know what I’m talking about. The Chinese teen in the movie has the hair cut, and she usually wears it in pig tails, or a pony tail.

Does anyone know either the right ‘term’ for this cut, or where I can find a photo of it?

hair cut plz help. [pics inside]?

I was planning of getting a layer cut. I was just wondering if it would suit me? is there any celebrities hair cut will suit my hair if so, tell me please as i would really want to know. here’s some gay pictures of me.

no rude comment plz… I just want to know what hair cut should i get?
and feel free to show me a hair cut. :]

should i cut/trim my hair before my wedding hair trial / wedding?

i havent cut my hair since feb 27. so its been almost six months since i have cut my hair.
i have only blow dried it maybe 2 or three times (with the exception of blow drying my bangs almost daily) in the six months.
i condition it every time i wash it, and that is maybe every other to every third day.
i occasionally use a leave in spray conditioner.

i’m debating this because it costs money to get a hair cut and right now i dont have the money to be spending, and really have to budget the money that i do have for things like my wedding hair, my trial hair, my to be’s ring, waxes, etc that really are important to the wedding day!

my wedding hair is going to be like this::

so how important would it be for me to get my hair cut/trimmed NOW instead of waiting till i had money??
should the hair cut be a priority? or should i just skip out on it because i’m really tight on money.

i’d like to know how much of a priority i should make the hair cut for my wedding day.

good hair style celebrity maybe?

I wanna get my hair cut and I have alot alot to work with. im not sure how to get it done. can anyone think of a celebrity or someone i could recognize who has a really good hair style? i wanna get something good done. any suggestions would be sweet..
yah this is a picture of me but its really really old my hair is really long now

Whats the best online hair salon, the kind that u can try diff styles online for free??

Do any of u guys know any online hair salon, u know the kind that u can upload ur pic and try different hair styles and colors to see how u look before getting a hair cut and its free, u dont have u pay anything at all to use it? (something similar to
thanx eveyone.