Any tips on how to get this hairstyle?

I have straight and boring hair and close to the same hair length (I have more hair on the sides of head) but whenever I try to make a similar hairstyle
I always end up only able to make a faux hawk and not something like this. Should I use a certain product? Should I style it a certain way? I’m really stuck on what to do and I need help

How would you get a hairstyle like this (photo included)?

I would like to know what hair length/type you need to get it curled like this (it’s a Target ad lol), and how you get it:

I’m going to a themed party in a couple weeks and I’d like to have a similar hairstyle.

How can I get my hair to wave/curl?

I’d like to get this look. My hair length is just below my bra strap, I’ve tried using a small curling iron, and a medium but I just can’t seem to get it to come out right. Any tips?