Which hairstyle should i pick? a little help?

Ive been having a hard time deciding on how i should get my hair cut.

i want scene hair but i also want this haircut:

heres a picture of me:

which on do yew guys think i should pick?

blond vs pink: Get blonde highlights near the tips like Vanessa Hudgens or die tip of long black hair pink?

I’m so bored bored with my hair and want to do something other than my usual haircut,, my skin tone, and hair tone ( also hair cut) is almost exactly like Venessa (https://images.askmen.com/galleries/actress/vanessa-hudgens/pictures/vanessa-hudgens-picture-1.jpg)
except my hair now is completely black

Should I do the (normal) thing and die it exactly like her (Venessa https://www.celebrity-hair-styles-magazine.com/long-hair-style-teen-07.html)

Or shall I do the unexpected but cool thing and die the ends bright pink almost like this https://farm2.static.flickr.com/1387/1110130506_7b17ccf97b.jpg?v=0,keep in mind my hair is much longer so it won’t be such obvious. ( also won’t color my bangs)

To tell you the truth, I’d love to color the ends pink but my friendskeep saying that it’s old fashioned– since yes it was a major fashion like 8-10 years ago,

Blonde or pink (at the tips)?

What is your fave. hairstyle? and wud it look good on meh?

Plz vote:







Thx,now what i look like currently:

Posted by Erin O'connell on Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Well,tht pic was taken at x-mas but that haircut is similar to what i have now except my hair is back to blond. so plz give me ur fave 🙂 and dont stalk me on fb

What would be a good hairstyle for me?

What would be a good hairstyle for me?
I’m really bored with my hair, and I am in desperate need of a haircut. I have almost no idea what I want, however, so I am open to all suggestions. Here are a few (bad) pictures of me:

https://www.flickr .com/photos/65393191@N06/
(Take away the space between the link)

Pictures of suggested hairstyles would be really helpful!
Also, if I dye my hair, what color should I dye it?

Thanks in advance!

Photos of female HAIRSTYLES with LAYERS…?

haha no i dont want a female hairstyle if that was what u were thinking…lol…My girlfriend wants to get a haircut..but needs a photo to show to her stylist. She wants shoulder length hair with layers–kind of a choppy look i guess?
but she says she doesnt want the ‘scene/emo’ look–whatever the hell that is.
any help would be appreciated : )

where can i find photos of hairstyles for 18yr old guys?

im 18 and every time i go to get a haircut they mess it up because i cant tell them what i want, i have a vague mental idea but i would like to actually look through a bunch of different hairstyles to get a clearimage and so that i can tell my hairstylist exactl what I want. I have searched th internet for a website but all i find are womens hairstyles or hair tips for girls… where can i find some pictures and details about haircuts for me?

'scene' haircut for very curly hair?

Hey guys. so Im looking for a scenish haircut for very curly hair, it can be frizzy, but its not wringlets.
Its about four inches past my shoulders and right now i just have once length. my hair isn’t thin, but it isn’t thick either!

any ideas 🙂

it kinda look like. https://www.celebrity-hair-styles-magazine.com/images/2006-hair-cuts-pictures-01.jpg
accept a little longer

[PICS] My hairdresser cut my hair all wrong, does it look bad?

I used to get my haircut at this great salon but my stylist got all b*tchy and jacked up his prices by like 20% ever since he started cutting celebrity hair. So my mom told me to go to her hairdresser, and I told her to trim just two inches and she said she’ll keep the old style of my hair, just trim off two inches. And my hair was layered, and when she was done…well MY LAYERS ARE GONE! And apparently to her 2 inches is 4 inches. I don’t want to get layers at another salon because that means cutting my hair shorter and I tried short hair, I look terrible with hair above the shoulder. Urgh..does it look terrible?

Before when it was long and layered:


How do I style my hair this way?

I recently got a Japanese haircut, but I have no clue as to what I’m supposed to use to get my hair to curl to the outside like in these pictures (nor do I know HOW to):


I’ve got hairspray, hair gel, hard wax, and a bunch of other miscellaneous products… I can possibly find a hair straightener or curler, too. What do I use, and how do I style my hair?

Would this hairstyle look good on me (pics inside)?

I really like this hairstyle and i am getting a haircut soon.


When its straightened



natural wave






I usually straighten my hair. Would it look good on me

How would i describe this hairstyle to a hairdresser?

my hair is almost that length and i want to get it cut like that. does she have side bangs or what’s going on?i know i can bring in a pic but i did that once and the hairdresser did not give me the haircut i wanted so……….

Has anyone cut their hair? Opinions please?

I have medium/long hair, almost to the middle of my back. I’m turning 25 soon and want a more sophisticated but still fun, mature but not too old hairstyle. I’m thinking about cutting my hair like Nia Long. Has anyone ever cut their long hair and regretted it? Has anyone ever cut their hair short and loved it? Do you think it would look nice w/my face shape?

Nia Long haircut – https://www.celebrity-hair-styles-magazine.com/2006-hair-cuts-pictures-15.html

Me 🙂 https://s275.photobucket.com/albums/jj318/quita108/

if not the one i posted, what hairstyle do you think would look nice?

hairstyle for dramatic diamond face? (photos?????)?

I have a narrowish forehead with wide high sharp cheekbones which then narrows sharply to a pointed chin. I want to accentuate my eyes and cheekbones. also my neck is longish and i am slim and tall.

what would be a good haircut to get (my hair is mid-neck, thick and i want bangs but i would rather not change length as i am growing it out to shoulder length)? photos please?

Question about my hair for a wedding?

I am in a wedding with 3 other girls in 2 weeks. We are all going to the salon for a consultation and a pre wedding haircut today. Should I wash my hair before going today before getting my haircut or will they wash it there at the salon? Will we all get our hair washed at the salon today? Should I be embarrassed by having a soapy head of lather in front of my friends, why or why not?

What haircut would look good on me?

I have long, thick, curly hair and an oval face shape. What haircut should I get? If you can describe refer to celebrity haircuts that would be great. I’m sick of my hair, its so annoying and always up because its way too frizzy and annoying. I’m looking to keep my hair longish, but I want to change up the style. Suggestions?

how can i get a bed hair hairdo into a hairdo apporiate for an wedding?

i have light blonde hair. and i ALWYAS have a bedhair do. and i need to go to. and i cant control my hair.

and this is the best i can do.


wut’d ya guys think? can i go to a wedding with that kinda hair?

cuz thats the best i can get it to stay down and wutnot….

or if not, wut’d do u guys recommand me to do?

and getting a haircut is no option for me.
* i need to go to a wedding

Would a hairstyle like this suit me? *pics*?

HAirstyle: https://www.beautyriot.com/hairstyles/gallery-black-page27

Me: https://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=-3&id=100000750506260&l=96608e2f55

Also, do you like my hair better black or brown?
Yeah, I do plan on growing my hair out. A few months ago I had the really short Rihanna haircut, so it’s growing pretty fast. The pics where I had black hair I made a mistake and left the dye in way too long and it made my hair a really harsh black. I look way better with a dark brown/soft black color. So I was planning on growing out my hair and dying my hair a softer black and possibly getting a few highlights.

I want a new hairstyle, how can I find the right one for me?

I really want to get my haircut. I have brown, shoulder length and some natural highlights. I don’t want to get more highlights, and I kind of want a Alice Cullen haircut but don’t want to have my hair crusty. My minimum time in the bathroom styling my hair is about 5 min.
Please have photos.