[PICS] My hairdresser cut my hair all wrong, does it look bad?

I used to get my haircut at this great salon but my stylist got all b*tchy and jacked up his prices by like 20% ever since he started cutting celebrity hair. So my mom told me to go to her hairdresser, and I told her to trim just two inches and she said she’ll keep the old style of my hair, just trim off two inches. And my hair was layered, and when she was done…well MY LAYERS ARE GONE! And apparently to her 2 inches is 4 inches. I don’t want to get layers at another salon because that means cutting my hair shorter and I tried short hair, I look terrible with hair above the shoulder. Urgh..does it look terrible?

Before when it was long and layered:


How would i describe this hairstyle to a hairdresser?

my hair is almost that length and i want to get it cut like that. does she have side bangs or what’s going on?i know i can bring in a pic but i did that once and the hairdresser did not give me the haircut i wanted so……….

how long do you think prom hair will last for?

my mum booked an appointment for me at the hairdresser’s to get my hair done for my ball, but it’s at 1pm, and the ball doesn’t start till 7pm or later. do you think that if i have my hair done at 1pm (the appointment starts at 1, and finishes at 2pm), that it will last?
i know i’m going to have my hair up for the ball, but i want it curled too.

How do I describe this hair cut and style to a hairdresser?

I’m going to make a hair appointment and I’m taking this photo, but I don’t know how to describe the cut or style. The last time I asked for this cut I ended up with thick heavy ends and I hated it. What "hairdresser" words describe the ends and bangs? Thanks!


if i want a specific hairstyle, can i bring in a photo to show the hairdresser?

i dont get haircuts very often so i dont really know how the whole thing works.

but i want a specific hairstyle for a change and would it be okay if i brough in a photo of what i want my hair to look like so the hairdresser can copy it?

would it be weird if i did?
do you guys bring photos in?

thanks 🙂

Hairstyle ideas??? Can't find any photos online!?

I have quite fine and very soft hair (there’s loads of it though) that comes about two inches past my collarbone and it has quite a few layers (I used to have a pixie cut and grew it out.)
It needs a cut because I haven’t in about 3 months (I’m growing it) and I can’t find ANY pcitures to base it on!
I want layers so it looks a bit less ‘flat’ against my head if you get my meaning. I also grew out my fringe to the side not long ago and haven’t had it shaped in yet so it’s just a big chunk of hair going across to the side.
I’ve got an oval face shape and I’m growing my hair- bearing this in mind can anyone help me find some pics to use at the hairdresser? I really want a style that’s easy, pretty and still goes into a ponytail!

How should I style my hair for an upcoming wedding?

I have medium to longish length hair and I’m going to a salon to get it styled on saturday. Only problem is the wedding is in Poland and I’ll have to tell my Polish friend to translate it to the hairdresser. But I dont have a clue what i should do with it!! it’ll be really hot so i’ll have it up, but i’d love a cool style, any ideas??

How should I do my hair for prom?

Prom is next saturday and the only thing I’m not ready for is my hair. My dress is dark blue and has straps and I have medium hair that touches my shoulders. I can’t go to a hairdresser because I don’t have any money left so I have to do it myself. I tried looking online but all the places I looked are not what I’m looking for. Any suggestions, people?

Are you supposed to tip for your wedding hair or makeup trial?

I understand tipping for the wedding day but what about for your trial?
To the annoying people that are asking me WHY WOULDN’T I TIP? Just to let you know, I ALWAYS tip my hairdresser, more than most people would. I’ve NEVER been married before and have NEVER had a trial makeup application so I wasn’t sure if you are supposed to tip for that. Thanks for the answers. Sorry I asked.

Wedding Hair?

I have a problem. Two of my friends want to do my hair on my wedding day. One is my usual hairdresser who has done me continual favors (hair-wise) all year for 3 years now, and the other one is one of my very best friends (who is also a hairdresser). I really don’t care who does it as far as the ability goes (they are both very qualified). The friend that is not my usual hairdresser lives out of town and never does my hair (on a regular basis). I feel loyalty to my custom hairdresser, but don’t want to hurt my very good friend’s feelings either. Any ideas?

Pixie hairstyle photos please?

Hellooo, yahoo 🙂 I have a roundish face, probably more oval than round but still kinda roundish. Haha. My hair was down to my mid-back and I accidentally cut my hair way too short, so I need to go get it fixed at a hairdresser, and I still have enough hair on my head to get a pixie cut, I believe. I bleached my hair recently so it’s white-blonde (it was originally darker blonde) and I loveeee it. But, I can’t find any GOOD pictures of pixie cuts! I found out but it’s kinda blurry.

I love the kinds that have sort of longish bangs and really short everywhere else, but still enough so spike or play with and style, texturize.. I’m fifteen.

Can somebody find me pictures that match my description?

Which celebrity has the same hair cut?

I am going to the hairdressers, and I want my haircut to look like this:


I would print it out and show my hairdresser, but my printer doesn’t work.
I could just describe it to her, but they ALWAYS do it wrong when I describe.
If you tell them though a celebrity haircut they always know (they know like over 5000+ celebrity haircuts)

what hairstyle!!! depsrate! photos!!!!?

i knw this has been posted but i reali need help!
im about to go to the hairdresser, and need help finding a style that would suit me…….

i have a heart shape face,
browny goldishy hair,
a fringe just past my eyes,
and just past shoulda length hair,

i cant do layers, for personal reasons, btu what can i do?? this is me…

on the rite:


on teh left left..

my hair is often dry and frizzy and bushy, and i cant straighten it because my hairs falling out, for some reason so its best not to, but what should i do????? haircuts!!!!! plz help me! what will make me most prettyy!
a short hair style?, anything plz help!!!!!!!!!! what woudl i suit!? and somethen easy to mamnage?