Trying to find a wedding hairstyle for natural curly hair??

I’m bi-racial and trying to find a hairstyle for my wedding in a couple of weeks. I have a round face and my hair is shoulder length, tight curls. I would like to wear a informal wedding hairstyle. its a outside wedding and my dress is very simple. I was thinking of maybe putting a flower in my hair instead of a veil, but I’m not able to find any pics for natural curly hair. I was thinking of maybe straighten it and then just wearing it down, but I’m not sure. I have also thought of just wearing my hair natural down. any help would be greatly appreciated.

How do I get this hairstyle?

I really love this hairstyle, but how can I get it. I have wavy/frizzy hair, and I am willing to buy anything if it’s not too expensive, but I already have a lot of hair supplies. Please help!!!

Is this hairstyle possible on shoulder length hair?

I love Kristen Stewart’s love layers in this photo below:

However, I only have shoulder length brown hair (just slightly below the shoulders). Would this hair be possible with shoulder length, or should I wait until my hair is longer?
Thanks. 🙂
EDIT: I meant long layers, not *love* layers lol.

Help me find a wig for this hairstyle and color?

I am in a large 1 1/2 hour long play this weekend. The wig I was origonally using was destroyed in an unavoidable event.

So I need to order a wig online [I’d need express shipping, of course] to have it by this friday.

I need the wig to match this hairstyle:


I CAN style it, but the bangs and the length needs to be right, so it can be styled into that hair I pictured above.

The color is the most important part.

Now, I ask, does anyone know of a wig shop online that is AFFORDABLE [ I can’t spend more than on the wig itsself] that carries something I can work with to get the style I need?

what are the names of these hair cuts?


pleas help i wanna cut my hair lol

Any tips on how to get this hairstyle?

I have straight and boring hair and close to the same hair length (I have more hair on the sides of head) but whenever I try to make a similar hairstyle
I always end up only able to make a faux hawk and not something like this. Should I use a certain product? Should I style it a certain way? I’m really stuck on what to do and I need help

What would be a good hairstyle for me?

What would be a good hairstyle for me?
I’m really bored with my hair, and I am in desperate need of a haircut. I have almost no idea what I want, however, so I am open to all suggestions. Here are a few (bad) pictures of me: .com/photos/65393191@N06/
(Take away the space between the link)

Pictures of suggested hairstyles would be really helpful!
Also, if I dye my hair, what color should I dye it?

Thanks in advance!

Which Hairstyle Would You Choose for Six Months Poll: The Moe Howard or the Snooki?

If you had to choose one hairstyle that you had to have for six months, which would it be?

1) The Moe Howard>
2) The Snooki>


Would this hairstyle look good on me?

My face shape is similar to Victoria Justice’s or Jennifer Love Hewitt’s except I have a really big forehead and my cheek area isn’t as "sculpted" i.e. I have slightly chubby cheeks. I’ve tried parting my hair to side like side swept bangs, but it just emphasizes my large forehead. Would this hairstyle look ok on me?

Photos of female HAIRSTYLES with LAYERS…?

haha no i dont want a female hairstyle if that was what u were thinking…lol…My girlfriend wants to get a haircut..but needs a photo to show to her stylist. She wants shoulder length hair with layers–kind of a choppy look i guess?
but she says she doesnt want the ‘scene/emo’ look–whatever the hell that is.
any help would be appreciated : )

Which hairstyle would be best for me [pictures included]?

This is me and my current hairstyle:

Which hairstyle should i get:

Choice one:

Choice two: [the girls hair not the guys lol]

Choice three:

Choice four:

I love Choice ones bangs.. But im scared to get my bangs cut that short. And i love twos hairstyle, but i dont know how good that would look with the bangs..

Which picture is your favorite for me? (:

How to style my hair or makeup this way ten points and pics included?

It’s Emma Watson, Keira Knightley, and Natalie Portman, respectively.

Any hairstyle or makeup is fine, I just want at least one how-to for at least one pic at the very least.×298-sequelqueensgallery.jpg,0.jpg&imgrefurl=

How can I style my hair like this?

I had cut my hair over a year and a half ago to a bob-length style that hit just above my shoulder. I let it grow out a bit and by that upcoming summer it was just about at my collar bone. Now, my hair has grown about 5 inches since then. Is that fast hair growth? How can I help my hair grow another 5 inches by summer 2011? And also, how can I style my hair to look like this?,r:21,s:27&biw=1280&bih=591 Or is it not long enough yet?

I also have layers in my hair that are at they’re shortest at shoulder length. I Have natural wavy-curly hair too.

What do you guys think of this hairstyle?

What do you guys think of his hair? Personally I love it and want to get it that way. What do I say to the person who cuts my hair if I want it like that? My hair is completely long.
I dont have light skin like the guy in the pic. I’m darker skin but not too dark because I’m latino. Do you guys think this hairstyle will still work?

School photos on friday and i dont know how to wear my hair ! help PLEASE?

ok so i need help with deciding on a hairstyle for my school photos 🙂 for my makeup i normally just wear clear mascara, tinted moisturizer, concealer and lipgloss 🙂 but i dunno how to wear my hair… its a dark blond colour and just past my shoulder with layers and a side fringe…. help!

ps. must be up ( i no lol it sucks)

Thinking about a new hairstyle: What do you think?

i’m bored so i’m thinking about changing my hairstyle.
this is my current stlyle:::

here’s what i’m thinking of getting:::

waddya think?