Is this hairstyle possible on shoulder length hair?

I love Kristen Stewart’s love layers in this photo below:

However, I only have shoulder length brown hair (just slightly below the shoulders). Would this hair be possible with shoulder length, or should I wait until my hair is longer?
Thanks. 🙂
EDIT: I meant long layers, not *love* layers lol.

do guys not like girls with short, guy like hair?

like this
or ones the look kinda like guys either?

what are the names of these hair cuts?


pleas help i wanna cut my hair lol

What can of product should I use for my curly hair to stay in place and frizz free?

i have really curly hair that frizzes really easily. What kind of products should i use to maintain it. Could you make them cheap! click the link below to see the type of hair i have and the length. Thank You.
sorry the link cant be "clicked" so just plz copy and paste onto another tab and see thanks!

blond vs pink: Get blonde highlights near the tips like Vanessa Hudgens or die tip of long black hair pink?

I’m so bored bored with my hair and want to do something other than my usual haircut,, my skin tone, and hair tone ( also hair cut) is almost exactly like Venessa (
except my hair now is completely black

Should I do the (normal) thing and die it exactly like her (Venessa

Or shall I do the unexpected but cool thing and die the ends bright pink almost like this,keep in mind my hair is much longer so it won’t be such obvious. ( also won’t color my bangs)

To tell you the truth, I’d love to color the ends pink but my friendskeep saying that it’s old fashioned– since yes it was a major fashion like 8-10 years ago,

Blonde or pink (at the tips)?

Any tips on how to get this hairstyle?

I have straight and boring hair and close to the same hair length (I have more hair on the sides of head) but whenever I try to make a similar hairstyle
I always end up only able to make a faux hawk and not something like this. Should I use a certain product? Should I style it a certain way? I’m really stuck on what to do and I need help

I need a new hairstyle, but I'm clueless! (Photos included!)?

First off, do not make fun of my appearance.. I’m trying to work with my hair before starting on my face -__- So please be nice..

I hate my hair, I absolutely hate it. It’s so boring! And I can’t seem to do much with it because my baby hairs show too bad.. I need some sort of style, color, hair extension, permanent feather clip in, ANYTHING.. I have money to do whatever to it.. So throw your suggestions at me! Because I honestly have no idea what colors or styles would fit me.. I have fair skin and dark hair/eyes.. I want to make myself look more unique!

Me normal:

Me with bangs clips:
Oh and pictures are VERY MUCH APPRECIATED! Thanks 🙂

I have really really curly/frizzy/poofy hair. HELP!!!?

So i have really really curly hair. curly not WAVY!
i’m 14, and when i wake up in the morning i literally have like 40 minutes tops to get ready.
my hair is like really really curly and i have a lot of hair so that doesn’t really help… last year i had my hair straight like all the time, but this is year everything is just crazy and i’m really busy! so i have it straight when i have time to go to the salon.
i don’t like to use a straightener because it damages your hair so i usually just go to the salon and have it blow dried. my hair is like 2 inches under my shoulder and when i wash my hair and i get out of the shower it like shrinks and it’s literally like up to my shoulders. i tried using moose and it just got poofy.
if i wanted it to get like this, it could.

i tried using gel and it work for a while but recently it stopped working and it has gotten poofy again. one time i used conditioner and it looked okay for like 2 hours then it basically like shrunk. i really really need help because i want to be able to wear my hair down and curly and cute and stuff.
i want to be able to at least get it like this…

i know this is long but i am really very desperate…
please please HELP!!!!
just remember i don’t want to use a straightener or a curling iron or anything like that…

How to make african american hair curly without it frizzing up?

I want my hair to be nice and curly, without it frizzing up after a couple hours. I have african american hair, its relaxed and I tried products that are suppose to make our hair curly but its failed. please tell me any ideas or tricks you have. NO WEAVE,r:3,s:104&tx=-41&ty=-102
^ heres a link to how I’m hoping my hair could look like.

'scene' haircut for very curly hair?

Hey guys. so Im looking for a scenish haircut for very curly hair, it can be frizzy, but its not wringlets.
Its about four inches past my shoulders and right now i just have once length. my hair isn’t thin, but it isn’t thick either!

any ideas 🙂

it kinda look like.
accept a little longer

Good hairstyle for me?

Hi, i am in need for a new hairstyle.
Here are some pictures of my hair as it is now:

I would like to have something along the lines of wings and black hair. But idk if it will suit me.

Photoshopped images or Hairstyle photo’s would be appreciated.

No really vibrant colours for i have school.
Actually, i think i may have foung a good style.

Would it suit me?
+If i was to use the above style, how would i do it?
Like how would i style it?
I suck at using gel’s and etc.

Can you find me photos of this?

I like this hairstyle, but you can’t really see it in this photo. It is longer than you can see, and has layers that just cut under the chin.
Can anyone find me photos (that I can access through the internet) of people (celebrities, etc.) with hair like this? Except, fuller, better photos? Thanks!,r:0,s:0

How do you do this hairstyle? (pic)?

click on the picture where you can click on the full size image. I know how to french braid and it’s by the french braid section, but I don’t know exactly how it was done in that picture. Is the braid just started and continued lower down?

If i want to get my hair cut but i don't know what the hairstyle is called what should i do?

i want it cut like J.Lo cut hers in the movie enough see?:

but i don’t know what that hairstyle is called…also i have african american hair and seeing as my hair is nappy would that be a smart move as far as getting it to stay like that without spending 40 bucks to get it done every two weeks?

Do pixie hair cuts look good on oblong face shapes? im an omblong face shape
i want a hair cut like this,r:1,s:20&tx=140&ty=92
or this,r:4,s:0&tx=71&ty=86

My hair needs a change so can you help me pick a new hair style(pics inside)

Ok to say I have asked before about my hair and I get mixed answers so if you can please help me decide….best answer to who ever can help me the best.


style 1:

Style 2:

Style 3:

Also how to get that style at home with out using heat except a blow dryer and chi turbo,

Also hair curling goo.

Do pixie hair cuts look good on oblong (long) face shapes?,r:4,s:0&tx=71&ty=86,r:1,s:20&tx=140&ty=92

i want a cut like that,suggestions?

Which hairstyle would suit me best?

This is me and my current haaaair

I have strawberry blondish hair, paleish skin, blue eyes and quite dark eyebrows.
Which colour should i try and get?



Basically, I want to lighten my hair to a lightish blonde, the same colour as my natural highlights, but i dont want to bleach or dye or whatever, so what can i do? I also dont want to make my hair go orangey with sun in lol

What shall i dooo?

Thanks =)

What kinds of hairstyles are professional, chic, and feminine?


I’m planning to get a new hairstyle and am looking for something that is professional but also stylish and feminine. Specifically, I’m looking for photos of hairstyles similar to the one worn by Jessica Simpson in this photo:

I am 25 and wear formal attire (suits) to work. The goal is to find something that looks well-put-together but not aging.

what should i wear on my feet and what to do with my hair for a wedding?

im 14 female and i’m going to my older cousins wedding.
i have my dress. (i got the black and gray version of it)
so any ideas what to wear on my feet and what i should do with my hair.
i have long light brown hair.

Would i look good with this emo/scene hair style?

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic"></a>

with this hair stlye

thx luv ya XP

Help me decide on a new hairstyle… See my photo and please comment. Link ideas for styles please, and thanks

Here are images of my hair as it is now:

Ok, so… all those pictures were taken within a month of each other so my hairstyle in all of these photos is the same style, it just looks different depending on the distance away from me, the angle, etc.

I’m going to be going back to my natural haircolor, or trying to which you can see in these photos (my teen photos)

You can see my natural color is a bit darker than the first photos. Any ideas on a style that might be flattering? Links helpful, thx.

My hair is curly, i need some ideas of hair styles pleasee?! [:?

My hair is curly
it kind of looks like this:

i don’t wanna burn it because i want it to grow out
but i’m going to a quince and i don’t know what to do with it that’s completely healthy for my hair and looks good?
any ideas?

I need help finding a new hairstyle that i can wear today?

Here are links to hairstyle updos that i like but i need help figuring out how to do them.(tell me if the links don’t work)

Other links that you find are loved!

Can someone find me photos of this?

I like this hairstyle, but you can’t really see it in this photo. It is longer than you can see, and has layers that just cut under the chin.
Can anyone find me photos (that I can access through the internet) of people (celebrities, etc.) with hair like this? Except, fuller, better photos? Thanks!

should i cut/trim my hair before my wedding hair trial / wedding?

i havent cut my hair since feb 27. so its been almost six months since i have cut my hair.
i have only blow dried it maybe 2 or three times (with the exception of blow drying my bangs almost daily) in the six months.
i condition it every time i wash it, and that is maybe every other to every third day.
i occasionally use a leave in spray conditioner.

i’m debating this because it costs money to get a hair cut and right now i dont have the money to be spending, and really have to budget the money that i do have for things like my wedding hair, my trial hair, my to be’s ring, waxes, etc that really are important to the wedding day!

my wedding hair is going to be like this::

so how important would it be for me to get my hair cut/trimmed NOW instead of waiting till i had money??
should the hair cut be a priority? or should i just skip out on it because i’m really tight on money.

i’d like to know how much of a priority i should make the hair cut for my wedding day.

I have long and frizzy hair and I really want to cut it short, should I?

I’ve lived with this monster on my head for too long now, and i’m too lazy to fix it every day since it’s so long, so I just throw it in a ponytail and go about my day. My hair is frizzy and horrible, I want to cut it so bad. I hear from most people that I shouldn’t cut my hair because it will get worse, but couldn’t I just flat-iron my hair more regularly now? Since my hair would be shorter, it would put less of a strain on me to flat iron it every day.

Could I get a hair cut like this?


would this makeup look good on me with this dress and hairstyle?PICTURES AND LINKS!?

this is the dress

This is me:
(the 1st picture is the most make up that i wear on a daily bases)

This is the hair i was thinking about.

and this is the makeup look:

What color eye shadow?
Do you like it? if not what do you think i should do?

How to style my hair wavy/curly without poofiness?

I never style my hair wavy or curly, but I like the look, so how should I do it? I have medium longish hair, which is relatively straight, so it’s difficult to curl. I don’t want my hair to get really ‘big’ as it has in the past when I’ve put roll up curlers in it. Here’s some pics of what I’m going for.