What kind of hairstyle should long-faced people have?

I’ve got a long face, and I wanted a bob, but I’m afraid it’ll look bad on me, make my face look longer. I mean like this type of bob:
or maybe this one:

I’m kind of tired of my long hair; I mean, it’s all right, but I just want a change. Any suggestions? Also, I’ve got thick hair, so I’m afraid it’ll be too poofy.
Reading thatdinokidxx’s comment, I can see how those might not be so good…might these be better?



Should i get a bob hairstyle? [Photo included]?

My hair is pretty damaged due to constant dying and straightening. But it’s still ooo-kay. I want a new look, i want to try a bob, maybe concave at the back and the front is a wee bit a-lined.

But problem is, my natural hair is kinda thick and curly (i straightened it for long hair), i am afraid it’d curl in a mess if i cut them short. Moreover, my cheeks are chubby, i scared i’d look like a dumbo if i get bob ..i’m in a dilemma. Any ideas?

P/S: If i dye my hair, i want it to be like light brown, but i am asian, i have to fix the roots often, its so troublesome. 🙁

This is me.

Good updo hair styles for my wedding?

Three of my four bridesmaids have shorter hair, but me and my fourth bridesmaid have long hair. I’m looking for good updo’s for us because my wedding is in September, it usually gets pretty hot then here in Wisconsin. I’ve been looking all over online, but a lot of them look the same just really not my style, anyone know any good sites with pictures of updos? Please help!
I want classy, not trashy!

hair cuts for me and help with split ends?

i have kinda long hair it doesn’t seem that short to me but i want to grown my hair long (very long) and cut it like this(image on bottom). i am afraid if i wait until i grow it really long(i straighten my hair every day so it splits my ends) by the time i cut it i will get LONG split ends. how do i make them healthyand make the split ends go away?? (hard bc i have payers so i have to put it on my whole head) do you think this will work? the bangs and everything .

short hairstyle photo for me? or help donate?

I am thinking of cutting off my super crazy, crazy, long amazing long hair and donating it to www.locksoflove.org to make wigs for bald children….. Anyone else want to help????????????

Do you have any favorite punk hair styles with a bit of long bangs (not so much a mohawk… per say…) or one of those long hair in the front with short hair in the back (like a rapper’s girlfriend????? is that a style???) or just soft short hair? what would still look nice and pretty and GIRLY? do you have any links?

I don’t want to look butch, despite this …(I don’t really like my hair short, despite my avatar. sorry… but I like the purple color. Does anyone know how to make my avatar have long purple hair, like me, in real life?)

wedding hair and make up advice?

I’m attending my cousins wedding this weekend and I’m in a bit of a dilemma as to what to do for my hair and make up. I’m going to be wearing a shortish dark green dress with flat silver shoes. I have blonde long hair that’s naturally wavy/curly. I’ve got bluey greeny eyes and fairly tanned skin
please help!!!!

wedding photoshoot hair solution?

I bought a halter a-line wedding gown so I can finally have my wedding pictures taken. But now I don’t know what to do with my hair. My husband hates when I put my hair up so I want to make it natural looking, I have brown LONG hair. And I don’t really like veils. What can I do? If you have an idea please include a link. I am a brunette, brown hair and brown eyes. Thanks!

Photos of v shaped hairstyles from the back? i need photos please?

i have very long hair but i dont like when i get it cut the way they do it straight across i have asked them to do it in a v shape as i have seen so many people with it down like that and i really like it but they still do it straight across, does anyone have a picture of long hairstyles with the v shape at the back so i can show them the photo. please please help me.

Has anyone cut their hair? Opinions please?

I have medium/long hair, almost to the middle of my back. I’m turning 25 soon and want a more sophisticated but still fun, mature but not too old hairstyle. I’m thinking about cutting my hair like Nia Long. Has anyone ever cut their long hair and regretted it? Has anyone ever cut their hair short and loved it? Do you think it would look nice w/my face shape?

Nia Long haircut – https://www.celebrity-hair-styles-magazine.com/2006-hair-cuts-pictures-15.html

Me 🙂 https://s275.photobucket.com/albums/jj318/quita108/

if not the one i posted, what hairstyle do you think would look nice?

Any ideas on wedding day hair?

I’m getting married in the spring, (indoor wedding – church then reception hall) wondering if anyone out there with med. to long hair had any opinions about wedding day hair?
I have seen lots of beautiful updos but I love to feel my hair down. I am wearing a strampless, ballgown type (monalisa by maggie sottero). I was going to go with down and long curles.

I am sure I can do trial runs but curious if anyone had any disasters wearing it down or up?

Thank you 🙂

My sister is asking me to do her hair on her wedding banquet?

They already got married in Town Hall last month, so she don’t need a vail. She has short straight black hair and doesn’t like the tiara princess look either, what kind of things can I put on her hair?? This is really a dilema, she’s too cheap to get it professionally done.
I told her not to cut her long hair, she wouldn’t listen, now it’s up to her chin

what color should i dye my hair for my wedding?

i just got really tan lately i have freckles green eyes and medium long hair..i have blonde highlights right now..I need to get my roots fixed I can’t decide if I should just add more highlights, dye it all black, or dye it blank and have a few blonde streaks kinda underneathish…or what.. help!

I want an emo-type hairstyle, and Im not sure what direction to go?

I have really long hair and its black. I thought that I may try something outrageously different with my hair layers and go for an emo look with bangs and everything – but im not very good at styling… anything, and I need a good picture to show my hairstylist? Any links to photos that would be good?
-and any tips on how to maintain this style once I get it?
-and YES ive already looked at emohairstyles.com.

What type of hairstyle should i get that won't go out of style?

I have blonde long hair, heres and pic of me
thats a bit wavy and i was wondering what type o hairstyle should i get. Oh and i do play volleyball and dancing so try to work with that. How long should i have my hair? Give LOTS of details!
also how should i do my hair for pictures? should i wear a head band?
includ links please

Help with hair! Opinions please!?

okay so my hair is just past my shoulder right now.. i have a really long face and its skinny.. i’m pretty short… i’m 5"1 and between 85-92 lbs.. do you think hair to my mid breast would look okay?? (I’m 14) something like this:





please alot of detail will get you best answer! or if you add pictures of other long hair

Short hair? Which style is best for me? Pictures included..?

I love my long hair but I got lice :((

My hair looks more or less like this (my face is not so round):

And these are pictures of short hair:

1. https://www.hairstylestalk.com/images/gallery/keira-knightley-short-hair-style.jpg





Do you like any of them?

How often should you get your hair cut?

I have hair down to about my nipple. I want really long hair but the last time i got it cut was January. (since then ive had it thinned 2 times.) If i get a trim to the top of my boobs, will my hair be really long in Feb?
Please post a picture of a celebrity with hair to about their boob, so I can show that to the hair dresser when i get there!

How should I wear my hair if I am wearing an off the shoulder black dress to my friends wedding?

I have long hair (mid back) brown with carmel highlights. The wedding is very casual. My dress is black, off the shoulder (victoria secret) its almost a beach cover up but it looks dressy. Im wearing embellished flats that are a gold color and Im going to accent that with gold jewlery. But I am stuck on my hair, what should I do?? (please include pics if you can, TX)