Celebrity Medium Length Layered Haircuts?

My hair is about collarbone length, and i want it to stay this length.
I need lots of layers, and some sortof short layers. i have a few layers at the bottom of my hair, but there aren’t enough. My hair ends up flat at the top and then there’s too much volume at the bottom. So, i need layers near the top of my head, too.

Also, i’m getting highlights. I have medium-brown hair. i want the highlights to be noticeable without being too blond or chunky.

If you know of any celebrities with a cut or highlights like this, please put a link to a picture or give me the name!

I’ll give ten points for the best answer!

How do I ask a hairdresser to cut my hair in an emo hairstyle?

I have medium long, medium brown hair and I want to cut it so it is just above my shoulders and has side bangs that cover 1 eye. I can’t dye my hair and I can’t use hairspray to keep it in place. Can you please leave links to photo’s.

If you’re just going to call me a poser or tell me not to be emo, I DON’T KNOW WHY YOU BOTHER TO ANSWER!

Prom Hair? help? [photo of hairstyle inside]?

i recently posted this

with photo of prom dress i want in

now im considering hair
i really like this


its the photo, in the middle of the two paris hilton photos
i have long medium brown hair
not sure about hairstyle though
dont really like all of hair our of face
any ideas?

also, what about make up?

What is a popular hairstyle for a teen guy?

I have thick medium brown hair with a cowlick in front and I can’t find a hairstyle I like. I hate short hair. I want it somewhat long yet hip and cool. Any photos or websites or ideas would be much appreciated.
I like the photo of that skateboarder. But I think that may be too long. What do u think
I do like ryan’s hair but i don’t think its the right hairstyle for me. maybe