What is a good girly piercing for me..? Or a hairstyle. Photo included.?

So, I’m pretty much a girly girl. But I’m soooooo bored with my look. I want a piercing or new hair or SOMETHING. I dont want it to totally change my look though, My mom wont let me get a belly button piercing yet. so that’s out, but any others? i don’t know how well other would look on me.. Piercing suggestiveness would be appreciated as well as hair. thanks 🙂

my hairs pretty basic. just a lot of layers.

How to do our hair for a wedding were going to?

Me (13) my friend (13) and my mom (38) would like to know how we should do our hair for this elegant wedding were going to. We are doing our hair at home. My hair is halfway down my back and poker straight so it will not curl. My friends hair is straight down to her shoulders and My moms hair is shoulder length and will do anything. thnks

I need help finding a new hairstyle?

I am having a hard time finding ideas for a new hairstyle. I’ve searched countless times and 9 out of 10 end up either wanted to charge me for a membership or asking me millions of questions with confusing terminology that I’ve never heard before. If anyone knows any HELPFUL sites that offer free picture examples of haircuts I would greatly appreciate a recommendation. Like when I was little and went to my mom’s appointments and they had those huge books with pictures of the different styles…

[PICS] My hairdresser cut my hair all wrong, does it look bad?

I used to get my haircut at this great salon but my stylist got all b*tchy and jacked up his prices by like 20% ever since he started cutting celebrity hair. So my mom told me to go to her hairdresser, and I told her to trim just two inches and she said she’ll keep the old style of my hair, just trim off two inches. And my hair was layered, and when she was done…well MY LAYERS ARE GONE! And apparently to her 2 inches is 4 inches. I don’t want to get layers at another salon because that means cutting my hair shorter and I tried short hair, I look terrible with hair above the shoulder. Urgh..does it look terrible?

Before when it was long and layered:


Would this hairstyle look good on me? :]?

Okay so, I’m thinking about getting my hair cut tomorrow. I went to a new hair salon on thursday and they said if I came back they’d cut it (obviously enough). So tomorrow my mom is taking me out to get a new backpack and she said she’d take me to get my hair cut too if I want. I start grade 9 on the second (of september) so I gotta my hair cut soon if I want it cut before school therefore I have to get it done this week. Anyhow, back to the important stuff :p. In order to get the hairstyle I want I seriously have to commit to it, straighten it almost every day , gel the bangs, hairspray, get clips for weekends when I’ll leave it curly ect. Anyhow I’m so afriad I’ll get it cut and it’ll look horrible with it. My friends said it would look good, but for all I know they could just be humoring me. And no it’s not a matter of me not trusting them. Okay, totally rambling about unimportant stuff. So I’mma just post the pictures and save the "ew ur lyke so ugly" comments. I’m quite aware of that thanks, but that wasn’t my question :]. Oh and I’m also open to any suggestions of what you think might look better.

Me: https://img82.imageshack.us/img82/1341/sexxinacupow7.png

Hairstyle: https://photos-h.ak.facebook.com/photos-ak-sf2p/v196/84/16/578730610/n578730610_2529327_8584.jpg
Yes thank you for the "your not even scene" comment, please show me where I said I was? 😀 Learn how to read before you make a comment like that. I like the hair. That’s it, but way to be ignorant 😀

How should I wear my hair at a wedding?

I’m going to my friend’s wedding tomorrow. It’ll be the first wedding I’ve ever gone to … I’m not a bridesmaid or anything, just a guest. I’m 20 if that matters. It’s an outdoor wedding at the groom’s mom’s house. This is my hair: https://i85.photobucket.com/albums/k65/LedZepBabe/Me149.jpg
What do you think? What should I do with it?


What are some nice ways I could wear my hair to my moms wedding?

I have shoulder length, brown and curly hair. It doesn’t straighten nicely, and it doesn’t blow dry nicely, and it doesn’t air dry nicely. I wear my hair in a pony tail all of the time, so my mom says I can’t do that for the wedding.

So what are some things I could do with my hair for my moms wedding? Because I’m running out of ideas. (I’m walking her down the isle, but I don’t want to look real fancy)

Wedding hair?

Was going to have a hairstylist do it, but decided too much of a hassle and too expensive, my mom is pretty good with hair.
so she decided to order two of these
one will be where it is in the photo and the other will be above it so it looks longer, they are clipped in and very sturdy clips…
Has anyone done this?
trust me, its anything but plain, considering the way i normally wear my hair….
to answer the question, what if i get it and don’t like it? well i’ve got plenty of time….it will be her by xmas eve and we’ll try it..if i don’t like we’ll send it back lol…

I don’t want anything to extravagent for those who said it was boring lol….my dress is a victorian looking dres…the hairstyle works with it 🙂

i was asking if anyone had done this, (thank you to those who answered that question)
not "what do you think"

any good celebrity bob/pixie haircuts?

anyone have any good celebrity pictures of bob or pixie haircuts. something like katie holmes or old winona ryder short haircuts. nothing extreme like rihanna or posh.
i need some pictures and i’m running out of ideas. post links or celebrity names please.

i look like my avatar and am 19.
no to the kate idea…i’m a teenager not a middleaged mom.

google isn’t helping me at all : (

Prom- hair styles that go with my dress?

I am going to my Junior Prom next weekend and I just bought my dress. It is black and has some grey designs around the bottom and top of it. It is a medium length dress.

What do you think I should do for my hair? Should I put it up or keep it down? My mom thinks that for long dresses, you are supposed to wear your hair up and for short/medium dresses you should wear it down, but I don’t know.

Thanks for your help!!

How should I wear my hair for prom?

Ok so im trying to figure out how to wear my hair for prom. my hair is kind of short (just above shoulders) and my mom wont let me get extensions. i have no idea what to do with it. i feel as though its too short to do anything with it. i dont really want to wear it all the way up because i look wierd with it up all the way but when its curled down it looks even shorter.

help,please..any suggestions. pics would be nice

I need some good website suggestions for wedding hairstyle photos?

It doesn’t have to be specifically for wedding hairstyles though. I have been to the knot, wedding channel, modern bride, and the matrix website, and haven’t found what I’m looking for. Any suggestions?
Hi Cupid
thanks for the website, I will definitely check it out. Our wedding is in May…just around the corner, and my mom and I have been planning the whole thing. I had my hair done at a salon here in town and I walked out looking like the poster child for ringlets. My hair is fairly low maintenance, so I don’t usually have it professionally done. I am also unable to tell them that it’s just not me. I may have to do it myself, which is probably going to be a disaster the day of, because I will already be nervous, anal, crazy, all those things!
Would love to hear about your plans..email me anytime: allcam23@verizon.net

Does anyone know of a website with pics of wedding hair ideas for long curly hair?

I have long (slightly past shoulder length) curly brown hair. Without "product" the curl goes to just wavy, but with the help of Aveda Be Curly I get long, loose, ringlets that my Mom calls "bolongna curls".

Anyway, I want to wear my hair down and curly for my wedding, probably with no veil, but possibly either with a tiara or flowers.

Does anyone know of a website that has pics of different curly wedding hairstyles? I’m going to hair salons to "audition" hairdressers and I’d like to have some ideas to show them…

Thanks so much 🙂