How do you style my hair like this?

I want a new hair style, and I have seen many emo/scene/goth/whatever guys with these hair styles:
I like that style but I want to change it sort of, instead of it going to the side I want it going forward.. how do I make my hair like this and if it can stay pernamently like this without me having to do it every morning.

Im 17 and have naturally fine hair. What is the best hairstyle for me?

my hair is medium length now and im wondering if i should buzz it like always or maybe choose a new hair style. Im willing to change it up so if you could show me some photos of hairstyles of people with fine/thinner hair. Most male models have full thick hair so i dont know what to do.plz help me out

Kim Kardashian Cornrows Hair Pics . Where can I see Kim Kardashian New Hairstyle Photos ?

I heard that Kim Kardashian Cornrows had new Hair style on Thursday . Where can I see Kim Kardashian New Hairstyle Photos ?
Thanks Rajeas I saw the pics here . Thanks to yahoo answers.