What would be a good hairstyle for me?

OK, so i have a heart shaped face and i need a new hairstyle!
Just a few things:
-I’m 16…and I’ll be going to 11th grade this fall!
-No bangs, coz that was my previous hairstyle
-I need it short, but long enough to tie a pony.
-I’m a brunette(if that helps (: )
-It would be great ifyou could include photos 🙂
I had a straight blunt in mind…would that help?

I need help finding a new hairstyle?

I am having a hard time finding ideas for a new hairstyle. I’ve searched countless times and 9 out of 10 end up either wanted to charge me for a membership or asking me millions of questions with confusing terminology that I’ve never heard before. If anyone knows any HELPFUL sites that offer free picture examples of haircuts I would greatly appreciate a recommendation. Like when I was little and went to my mom’s appointments and they had those huge books with pictures of the different styles…

Good hairstyle for me?

Hi, i am in need for a new hairstyle.
Here are some pictures of my hair as it is now:

I would like to have something along the lines of wings and black hair. But idk if it will suit me.

Photoshopped images or Hairstyle photo’s would be appreciated.

No really vibrant colours for i have school.
Actually, i think i may have foung a good style.

Would it suit me?
+If i was to use the above style, how would i do it?
Like how would i style it?
I suck at using gel’s and etc.

Kim Kardashian Cornrows Hair Pics . Where can I see Kim Kardashian New Hairstyle Photos ?

I heard that Kim Kardashian Cornrows had new Hair style on Thursday . Where can I see Kim Kardashian New Hairstyle Photos ?
Thanks Rajeas I saw the pics here . Thanks to yahoo answers.

Any ideas on a new hairstyle?

I can’t be bothered to find and post a photo! but, my hair is just below my shoulders, layer, blondy-brown, layered, thick, falls heavily on my face (always falls into an awful middle part).

ANY suggestions on a new hairstyle?
I am just so fed up with it know, i want a change!
I just cant dye my hair bright pink…something normal!
And i have a heart shaped face! and i usually wear glasses!

What kinds of hairstyles are professional, chic, and feminine?


I’m planning to get a new hairstyle and am looking for something that is professional but also stylish and feminine. Specifically, I’m looking for photos of hairstyles similar to the one worn by Jessica Simpson in this photo:


I am 25 and wear formal attire (suits) to work. The goal is to find something that looks well-put-together but not aging.

How to hairstyle – bangs?

I have naturally curly hair – and a lot of it -_-”
I’m new with my new hairstyle and is having trouble with it D:
I have those bangs that go almost across my forehead and everytime I straighten them, they lay too staight and fall down to my face and won’t stay in shape/place.
So in regard to that, how do I really set up my hair when its wet(after shower) – so when it drys it ‘hovers’ over my forehead without being flat, and has a curve to it so it could fit my face :D.

After the shower I set up my hair the way I want it to dry it as and then put my back hair in a low pony tail (to make my hair thinner) and then push my bangs back(to it could give it a lift/being kinda straight). :\

What I want is :: How do I set up my hair after the shower? Example: put it in a towel.

Here are some posed pictures of me with my "photo hairstyle"xD — which pretty much means after school – my hair is more relaxed so i take out my bobbypin and create my bangs.


And sorry >< these were the only photos i could find of myself with more view of the bangs 😀

PS: I take showers at night, but i wait until they are dry and then go to bed << if this might help 😀

Long hair style or hairstyle app or website?

I need a new hairstyle that is pretty and long so that it can go in a ballet bun. My hair is blond and goes to my bottom. I wear brown rectangle glasses. No emo stuff. If know about a iPod touch app or really realistic website that uses photos that works too. If you know a style please put a picture of it.

(Photo) What hairstyle would suit me best?

I’m the one on the left with the brown hair. I want to try a new hairstyle, but I don’t want my hair to be TOO short. Would a fringe suit me? I have thicky wavy/curly hair. I’m after photos of hairstyles you think would suit me.


Photos of a great hairstyle for pale-skinned, THICK dark-haired person? :)?

I have very thick curly dark-brown/black hair – about mid-back length when straightened – and very fair skin. I don’t want to dye my hair, but I’d like a new hairstyle that’s about shoulder length or a bit higher. 🙂 I also have bangs that I’m trying to grow out – does anyone have pictures of nice hair styles that I may be able to get?