What kind of haircut do I need for this hairstyle (photo included)?

I love Selena Gomez’s hair, and I have just about that length but it’s all straight and one length. What do I need to tell the hair stylist to cut it like in order to get that hair? And what would I need to do to style it like that? I would bring the pick into the salon, but I don’t have a printer!
Crap! I forgot the photo:


lol Sorry

Is this hairstyle possible on shoulder length hair?

I love Kristen Stewart’s love layers in this photo below:


However, I only have shoulder length brown hair (just slightly below the shoulders). Would this hair be possible with shoulder length, or should I wait until my hair is longer?
Thanks. 🙂
EDIT: I meant long layers, not *love* layers lol.

Help me find a wig for this hairstyle and color?

I am in a large 1 1/2 hour long play this weekend. The wig I was origonally using was destroyed in an unavoidable event.

So I need to order a wig online [I’d need express shipping, of course] to have it by this friday.

I need the wig to match this hairstyle:




I CAN style it, but the bangs and the length needs to be right, so it can be styled into that hair I pictured above.

The color is the most important part.

Now, I ask, does anyone know of a wig shop online that is AFFORDABLE [ I can’t spend more than on the wig itsself] that carries something I can work with to get the style I need?

I need a new hairstyle, but I'm clueless! (Photos included!)?

First off, do not make fun of my appearance.. I’m trying to work with my hair before starting on my face -__- So please be nice..

I hate my hair, I absolutely hate it. It’s so boring! And I can’t seem to do much with it because my baby hairs show too bad.. I need some sort of style, color, hair extension, permanent feather clip in, ANYTHING.. I have money to do whatever to it.. So throw your suggestions at me! Because I honestly have no idea what colors or styles would fit me.. I have fair skin and dark hair/eyes.. I want to make myself look more unique!

Me normal:

Me with bangs clips:
Oh and pictures are VERY MUCH APPRECIATED! Thanks 🙂

What is your fave. hairstyle? and wud it look good on meh?

Plz vote:







Thx,now what i look like currently:

Posted by Erin O'connell on Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Well,tht pic was taken at x-mas but that haircut is similar to what i have now except my hair is back to blond. so plz give me ur fave 🙂 and dont stalk me on fb

Photos of female HAIRSTYLES with LAYERS…?

haha no i dont want a female hairstyle if that was what u were thinking…lol…My girlfriend wants to get a haircut..but needs a photo to show to her stylist. She wants shoulder length hair with layers–kind of a choppy look i guess?
but she says she doesnt want the ‘scene/emo’ look–whatever the hell that is.
any help would be appreciated : )

Does anyone have any photos of a hairstyle that has…?

A bob, with long layers underneath? If anyone has seen the movie remake of The Karate Kid, then you’d know what I’m talking about. The Chinese teen in the movie has the hair cut, and she usually wears it in pig tails, or a pony tail.

Does anyone know either the right ‘term’ for this cut, or where I can find a photo of it?

Good hairstyle for me?

Hi, i am in need for a new hairstyle.
Here are some pictures of my hair as it is now:

I would like to have something along the lines of wings and black hair. But idk if it will suit me.

Photoshopped images or Hairstyle photo’s would be appreciated.

No really vibrant colours for i have school.
Actually, i think i may have foung a good style.

Would it suit me?
+If i was to use the above style, how would i do it?
Like how would i style it?
I suck at using gel’s and etc.

How do I ask a hairdresser to cut my hair in an emo hairstyle?

I have medium long, medium brown hair and I want to cut it so it is just above my shoulders and has side bangs that cover 1 eye. I can’t dye my hair and I can’t use hairspray to keep it in place. Can you please leave links to photo’s.

If you’re just going to call me a poser or tell me not to be emo, I DON’T KNOW WHY YOU BOTHER TO ANSWER!

What kind of lolita hairstyle would look okay on me?

Well, I have short hair (I’ll link a picture) and all of the lolita hairstyles require much longer hair than I have. I am working on growing my hair out, but it’s nearly shoulder-length.

Opinions and advice?

Which hairstyle would suit me best?

This is me and my current haaaair

I have strawberry blondish hair, paleish skin, blue eyes and quite dark eyebrows.
Which colour should i try and get?





Basically, I want to lighten my hair to a lightish blonde, the same colour as my natural highlights, but i dont want to bleach or dye or whatever, so what can i do? I also dont want to make my hair go orangey with sun in lol

What shall i dooo?

Thanks =)

Photos of v shaped hairstyles from the back? i need photos please?

i have very long hair but i dont like when i get it cut the way they do it straight across i have asked them to do it in a v shape as i have seen so many people with it down like that and i really like it but they still do it straight across, does anyone have a picture of long hairstyles with the v shape at the back so i can show them the photo. please please help me.

Any ideas on a new hairstyle?

I can’t be bothered to find and post a photo! but, my hair is just below my shoulders, layer, blondy-brown, layered, thick, falls heavily on my face (always falls into an awful middle part).

ANY suggestions on a new hairstyle?
I am just so fed up with it know, i want a change!
I just cant dye my hair bright pink…something normal!
And i have a heart shaped face! and i usually wear glasses!

What's a good hairstyle for high cheekbones?

As much as most people like them, I do not! They are too prominent for my oval face and I don’t like them one bit. What type of hairstyle is best in hiding them or diminishing their appearance?

I don’t have a photo, sorry :-\
(I’m female, btw. And have shoulder length, pin straight hair that’s layered)

What kinds of hairstyles are professional, chic, and feminine?


I’m planning to get a new hairstyle and am looking for something that is professional but also stylish and feminine. Specifically, I’m looking for photos of hairstyles similar to the one worn by Jessica Simpson in this photo:


I am 25 and wear formal attire (suits) to work. The goal is to find something that looks well-put-together but not aging.

Help deciding hairstyle for prom! Pictures of dress inside…?


here’s a picture of me in my prom dress… I’m trying to decide on a good hairstyle that will compliment it and be fun and pretty for my senior prom this may! I’m willing to cut or color my hair pretty much however will look good, so feel free to be creative with your responce 🙂 I would really appriciate pictures if you can find a good one.

Jewelry and shoe ideas are also very much needed!
thanks so much 🙂
violation notice: don’t be jealous.

and yes, I know you can see the rest of my pictures but I there’s nothing to hide haha I haven’t really used webshots for a few years so, whatever.

I wore my hair up in a bun for junior prom… and it was very nice but I think I want something a little different. I was thinking maybe something retro/old hollywood?