Any ideas for a cool hairstyle for a 14 year old girl?

I want it to be short like maybe just above my shoulders,no bob or pixie cut,and also would Likee to add some blonde as i have hazel brown hair but dont know how i should do it.
Thank you
Please make answers quick as im going to the hairdressers tomorrow.
Oh and if you want to add some photos that would be great.
Thank you.

Hairstyle ideas??? Can't find any photos online!?

I have quite fine and very soft hair (there’s loads of it though) that comes about two inches past my collarbone and it has quite a few layers (I used to have a pixie cut and grew it out.)
It needs a cut because I haven’t in about 3 months (I’m growing it) and I can’t find ANY pcitures to base it on!
I want layers so it looks a bit less ‘flat’ against my head if you get my meaning. I also grew out my fringe to the side not long ago and haven’t had it shaped in yet so it’s just a big chunk of hair going across to the side.
I’ve got an oval face shape and I’m growing my hair- bearing this in mind can anyone help me find some pics to use at the hairdresser? I really want a style that’s easy, pretty and still goes into a ponytail!

Pixie hairstyle photos please?

Hellooo, yahoo 🙂 I have a roundish face, probably more oval than round but still kinda roundish. Haha. My hair was down to my mid-back and I accidentally cut my hair way too short, so I need to go get it fixed at a hairdresser, and I still have enough hair on my head to get a pixie cut, I believe. I bleached my hair recently so it’s white-blonde (it was originally darker blonde) and I loveeee it. But, I can’t find any GOOD pictures of pixie cuts! I found out but it’s kinda blurry.

I love the kinds that have sort of longish bangs and really short everywhere else, but still enough so spike or play with and style, texturize.. I’m fifteen.

Can somebody find me pictures that match my description?

Should I get a bang… get one of the rihanna hair cuts… or just keep it the way it is?!?

I want to get a bang but I dont know if it would look good on me. Or one of the Rihanna hair cuts below

Here are some pics of me

p.s. I dont wear glasses…. and you think I should get red highlights like Jordan Sparks?