Does anyone have any photos of a hairstyle that has…?

A bob, with long layers underneath? If anyone has seen the movie remake of The Karate Kid, then you’d know what I’m talking about. The Chinese teen in the movie has the hair cut, and she usually wears it in pig tails, or a pony tail.

Does anyone know either the right ‘term’ for this cut, or where I can find a photo of it?

How should I wear my hair for my cousins wedding?

My cousin is finally marryin his girlfriend! Yay! Lol Anyways I want to kno how i should style my hair for that day. It’s in May in Seattle, which means humid n rainy. It’s formal. Not sure what I’m goin to wear.

My hair is very thick. Goes down to about an inch below my collar bone. It’s auburn. It is naturally wavy. I normally wear it in a pony tail but I want something extra special.


How to hairstyle – bangs?

I have naturally curly hair – and a lot of it -_-”
I’m new with my new hairstyle and is having trouble with it D:
I have those bangs that go almost across my forehead and everytime I straighten them, they lay too staight and fall down to my face and won’t stay in shape/place.
So in regard to that, how do I really set up my hair when its wet(after shower) – so when it drys it ‘hovers’ over my forehead without being flat, and has a curve to it so it could fit my face :D.

After the shower I set up my hair the way I want it to dry it as and then put my back hair in a low pony tail (to make my hair thinner) and then push my bangs back(to it could give it a lift/being kinda straight). :\

What I want is :: How do I set up my hair after the shower? Example: put it in a towel.

Here are some posed pictures of me with my "photo hairstyle"xD — which pretty much means after school – my hair is more relaxed so i take out my bobbypin and create my bangs.

And sorry >< these were the only photos i could find of myself with more view of the bangs 😀

PS: I take showers at night, but i wait until they are dry and then go to bed << if this might help 😀

How to do this hairstyle?

it looks so pretty but how do you do it? i have really thin straight hair.,r:9,s:62&biw=1276&bih=629

What are some nice ways I could wear my hair to my moms wedding?

I have shoulder length, brown and curly hair. It doesn’t straighten nicely, and it doesn’t blow dry nicely, and it doesn’t air dry nicely. I wear my hair in a pony tail all of the time, so my mom says I can’t do that for the wedding.

So what are some things I could do with my hair for my moms wedding? Because I’m running out of ideas. (I’m walking her down the isle, but I don’t want to look real fancy)

How can I style my hair?Best one get's 10 point's!!!?

I do not want curls and no pony tail’s or bun’s.I have shoulder length hair very straight.Brown with blond highlight’s.I want something new with my hair,please help and thank u for your time. My hair sort of looks like this:
Thank u for ur time!!!