HELP! I have a shoulder length brown hair and a strapless prom dress, how should I have my hair?

I would really love to have my hair done properly for prom and am wearing a strapless dress which has a hot pink bodice and black full length skirt. My hair is brown and just about shoulder length. Any ideas as to how I should have my hair?

I want to straighten my hair for prom and keep it straight the whole night. How do i keep it from curling?

Do i use anti humidity stuff or something? Im usually not to concerned with keeping it straight, its always in a ponytail or clip. But when i put it down, it curls by the end of the day. But i need it straight for the whole night. Any advice or products i should use? I’ll settle for something even mildly expensive if i have to sense its prom.

Do you know any prom hairstyles for short hair?

I know prom’s a few months away, but i’m starting to plan and look for dresses already.

My hair is a little bit longer than chin length and is usually styled into a bob-like hairstyle. I’ve been looking on the internet for pictures and it’s been hard for me to find nice hairstyles for shorter hair like mine.

Any ideas or pictures would be appreciated! Thanks bunches =]

Makeup and hair for royal blue prom dress?

My prom is coming up and I have no idea what kind of hair, makeup, and nail polish to do.
Its a short, royal/navy blue dress with wide straps and a tie in the back.
Very, very simple.
Im planning on wearing silver jewelry

I have fair skin (maybe getting tan) with medium length, reddish brown hair & brown eyes
any suggestions?

for a long brown prom dress what hair style should i get for prom?

my dress is dark brown and its silky material and im going to wear gold earrings and gold high heels but the problem is my hair? :O like how in what way is better? any styles. should i have long and curls? or up? i don’t know . Please help me. my prom is next saturday and i don’t know what hair style should i wanna get?

What should I do with my hair for prom?

Okay. So I need a hairstyle for prom… and I don’t know what I should do. I have a little longer than shoulder length brown curly (and frizzy most times) hair, and it’s very very thick. I don’t know what exactly would look best, so any tips would be appreciated so much!

And of course, pictures would be extremely helpful too.

Thank you all so much!

How should i do my hair for prom?

Its my first prom and my dates too.
My dress is strapless and hot pink with rhinestones all over it.
i want to have an updo thats really cute.
my face is diamond shaped i have bangs i dont care if theyre up or down. But my hair is short/medium the back is shorter than the front and i have to pin it to keep it up. the front is longer about off the shouldr length?
PICs ideas please?

New hairstyle ideas or tips? Photos included, what should I do with my locks?

I had layers for a while now, with these push-over side bangs. I need to cut my hair again, but I want to try something different. My prom is in two weeks, so I don’t wanna look too crazy – but I’m trying to manage. Should I get bangs? I was toying with the idea but I’m petrified.

Here’s my current hair style

Thanks ^.^