What do you think about this hairstyle? (Photo)?

Should I go for this cut?
So I would like to cut my hair very short but I am not sure if I can pull off short short hair. Also I wanna know what you girls think about the cut..
This is what I wanna do…


And this how I look right now…



Should I keep it longer or cut it off?
Or is the cut to military like?

short hairstyle photo for me? or help donate?

I am thinking of cutting off my super crazy, crazy, long amazing long hair and donating it to www.locksoflove.org to make wigs for bald children….. Anyone else want to help????????????

Do you have any favorite punk hair styles with a bit of long bangs (not so much a mohawk… per say…) or one of those long hair in the front with short hair in the back (like a rapper’s girlfriend????? is that a style???) or just soft short hair? what would still look nice and pretty and GIRLY? do you have any links?

I don’t want to look butch, despite this …(I don’t really like my hair short, despite my avatar. sorry… but I like the purple color. Does anyone know how to make my avatar have long purple hair, like me, in real life?)

[PICS] My hairdresser cut my hair all wrong, does it look bad?

I used to get my haircut at this great salon but my stylist got all b*tchy and jacked up his prices by like 20% ever since he started cutting celebrity hair. So my mom told me to go to her hairdresser, and I told her to trim just two inches and she said she’ll keep the old style of my hair, just trim off two inches. And my hair was layered, and when she was done…well MY LAYERS ARE GONE! And apparently to her 2 inches is 4 inches. I don’t want to get layers at another salon because that means cutting my hair shorter and I tried short hair, I look terrible with hair above the shoulder. Urgh..does it look terrible?

Before when it was long and layered:


What kind of lolita hairstyle would look okay on me?

Well, I have short hair (I’ll link a picture) and all of the lolita hairstyles require much longer hair than I have. I am working on growing my hair out, but it’s nearly shoulder-length.

Opinions and advice?

Guy hairstyle with photo links?

Teen guy with square jaw, large eyes, ovalish face, slender build. Very "guy" looking, looks Native American-ish.
Hair is very dark, very thick, and has a slight wave at the ends.
Hair will still be long after the locks of love donation….yes, it is long right now, but not cutting yet because it needs to be on the long side after the donation, he HATES short hair, but will soon be above shoulder-longish.
What is a really good cut? Any photos to bring to the salon?

Formal Wedding Short hair-circlet ideas needed?

I am 20 years old and getting married in 5 weeks. I have purchased a floral circlet and a veil for my wedding. I have short hair, just about shoulder length and layered. I am trying to find an idea so my hair is not just down. should i curl it under the circlet? Maybe half up and half down? Please give me suggestions.

I have long and frizzy hair and I really want to cut it short, should I?

I’ve lived with this monster on my head for too long now, and i’m too lazy to fix it every day since it’s so long, so I just throw it in a ponytail and go about my day. My hair is frizzy and horrible, I want to cut it so bad. I hear from most people that I shouldn’t cut my hair because it will get worse, but couldn’t I just flat-iron my hair more regularly now? Since my hair would be shorter, it would put less of a strain on me to flat iron it every day.

Could I get a hair cut like this?


How do i style my short hair for a wedding?

i have short hair just below my chin. the bottom half is permed and the top is straight. i have no blow dryer cause it broke and i am broke…lol i am not very good at styling but i can give it a shot i have moose and a round brush straghtner curling iron waver and crimper but i am hair dumb plz help….!!!!

How Should I do My Hair For This Wedding?

I am going to a wedding tomorrow and I am wearing a really cute black and pink dress. I have pretty short hair and I am looking for some new ideas. I can do a lot with my hair, I have just run out of ideas. Here is what it looks like

so any ideas would be awesome! Also makeup fun too. I have SO much makeup so I wanna play!

Please help me find a hairstyle! (pictures)?

I have always had horrible hairstyles. Every time I get it cut, I like my hair for about a week, then it grows out, and I end up putting it in a ponytail every day.

My hair is currently half-permed curly (so, in other words, really gross!), since it’s grown out a lot and I haven’t had it cut yet. I don’t know if I want to straighten it and grow it out or just cut it all off into a short style (my bangs are straight, they were never permed to curl).

I like this hairstyle: https://www.rasysa.com/m/2007_keratine/vol34.html
But I’m afraid that my face would end up looking weird with long hair.

I also like this style: https://home.rasysa.com/pesco-pesca/style/image/29283_11.jpg
But I’m afraid that I’d look too masculine with short hair!

Please, opinions would be great, and feel free to look at other hairstyles, too, if you think I’d be awful with either of those.

My photos:

Is it possible to have this style if I have stick-straight hair?

I have really stick straight hair that gets a little wavy when wet. Right now it is just past my collarbone. Is it possible to get this style, and shape it with a blowdryer maybe so that it will curve toward my face, like in this pic? ( this style is called a bob by the way).

hey Papi,

yeah, I actually meant that I wanted to have it cut to the length that is in the picture. my bad, i shoulda been clear about that.

What is a good hairstyle for guys?

I’m 18 and my hair is really boring. Currently, my hair is medium length not too short but not too long either, so I can go either way, either cut it or grow it some more. But I need hairstyle ideas, so if you guys have any, I’d appreciate it. Also if you got some photos post a link as well.
What if I wanted to have short hair, because it’s the summer and it’s so hot. You guys have any ideas for short hair that will look good?

Where can I find hairstyle templates to use with Adobe Photoshop?

I’m trying to find some long hairstyles that I can use to make an Adobe Photoshop pic. I have short hair and I use photoshop to manipulate the photos. I want to see about growing my hair out and I want to see what I would look like with long hair. So, I’m needing some templates or photos of just hair that I could use to make a photoshop alteration. Any ideas of websites out there? Thanks so much!!

REPOST: In YOUR opinion, what hairstyle/cut should I try next? (PHOTOS INCLUDED)?

(Yes, I posted this same thing earlier. I read over it and realized I needed to edit some things.)

First of all, let me say that I’m not unhappy with my hair. I just tend to get bored from time to time. I’ve tried a lot of things. Since I’ve been 18 (I’m 23 now), I’ve had short hair (it was like Mandy Moore’s when she first got hers cut) and I’ve also had hair almost to my butt.

Although you may not be able to tell, my hair is pretty thick. I keep it layered and thinned down a lot.
It also grows CRAZY fast and so if I try a new cut or style, it tends to grow out and change quickly.

All of these photos below are photos of my hair in the past two years. Although they may appear a little different, the cuts are about the same. I just have it styled or parted differently.

Anyway, I thought I’d ask some complete strangers what they thought would work on me?
Chin-length bob?
Longer with no bangs?

I’m not looking to change the color right now, just the cut or style.
Also, my natural texture is a little wavy, but still relatively straight. I don’t have to straighten it or anything to get it how I want it.



Some of these are a bit older, but the layering in the haircuts is basically the same. The length and bangs/fringe do tend to vary.






(other photos in my profile and 360 page)

What is a popular hairstyle for a teen guy?

I have thick medium brown hair with a cowlick in front and I can’t find a hairstyle I like. I hate short hair. I want it somewhat long yet hip and cool. Any photos or websites or ideas would be much appreciated.
I like the photo of that skateboarder. But I think that may be too long. What do u think
I do like ryan’s hair but i don’t think its the right hairstyle for me. maybe

How to go about getting a certain hair style?

I wear glasses, have a round face, with long(probably mid-back length) straight hair(when it’s dry. when it’s wet there’s some wave to it) thats rather thick. I want a Meg Ryan type style, (similar to this: https://hairstyles.hairboutique.com/gallery/MegRyan003in2003_600h.jpg) short and wavy. I’ve had perms before, and I’ve had short hair before. Which order should I go in – hair cut first, then perm, or perm first, then style? I don’t want bangs, but otherwise I’m pretty open. Any ideas? And what kind of perm do I ask for so I don’t end up with a ‘fro?
Here’s a link to another picture:
photo id is 16078
photo id 8434 (that’s the first one I posted)

Can I pull off kimberly wyatt’s hairstyle? [photos]?

I just straightened my hair permanently last month, now I want to cut it like kimberly wyatt.
this is me:
1. https://i306.photobucket.com/albums/nn253/Darin_1001/1251877799.jpg
2. https://i306.photobucket.com/albums/nn253/Darin_1001/1251877798.jpg

this is the hairstyle i want:
1. https://i306.photobucket.com/albums/nn253/Darin_1001/1251877297.jpg
2. https://i306.photobucket.com/albums/nn253/Darin_1001/1251877296.jpg
I want it because I’m a dancer and I want cute short hair which can also be used for an updo like this: https://i306.photobucket.com/albums/nn253/Darin_1001/1251877298.jpg

Will the hairstyle suit me?

Can I pull off kimberly wyatt's hairstyle? [photos]?

I just straightened my hair permanently last month, now I want to cut it like kimberly wyatt.
this is me:
1. https://i306.photobucket.com/albums/nn253/Darin_1001/1251877799.jpg
2. https://i306.photobucket.com/albums/nn253/Darin_1001/1251877798.jpg

this is the hairstyle i want:
1. https://i306.photobucket.com/albums/nn253/Darin_1001/1251877297.jpg
2. https://i306.photobucket.com/albums/nn253/Darin_1001/1251877296.jpg
I want it because I’m a dancer and I want cute short hair which can also be used for an updo like this: https://i306.photobucket.com/albums/nn253/Darin_1001/1251877298.jpg

Will the hairstyle suit me?

What is a good prom hair style for me.?

My prom is less than 2 months away (I know it’s a long time but I have to know otherwise time will fly by and yeah… lol) and I have short hair not toooo short but it’s half way down my neck let’s just say that. And I was wondering what type of hair style would look good.
It’s straight and curly.
I have long bangs
and the type of Hair style I want is like the one in my pick. Do you think it would look good?

Thanks a bunch I’m trying to look around and all of these picks I find are boring. so thanks in advance!
My dress is long and pink.

What are some “in style” prom hair styles for medium/short hair?

Ok so I just found out for sure today that I’m going to prom most definitely with one of my good friends.I have medium to short hair its in kind of medium layers..the longest length sits right about on my shoulders.It’s Brown and it is pretty thick,and has some body to it if I don’t straighten it.So any ideas?

How to do my hair for wedding?

My brother is getting married in a couple of months and I am a bridesmaid in the wedding. My hair is short around my chin with some layers and I have looked through pictures trying to get an idea of how I should fix my hair. I want something pretty, like I normally wouldn’t wear it. The problem is that everything I have seen so far is for long hair and there is nothing origianl with the short hair. If you have any ideas it would be greatly appreciated.

Does anyone know a good website where you can upload pictures of yourself to try out hair styles for FREE?

I signed up to Dailymakeover.com but if you don’t want to pay for a subscription then you only get to upload a picture of yourself once and there aren’t that many hair styles available to you. I am really thinking about getting a short haircut for summer and i haven’t had short hair in soooooo long, so i want to see how it would look.So know any good websites?