What is a cute and easy hairstyle for school?

My hair is shoulder length (and I’m a girl), and I need something to do that is really easy and takes under around 10 minutes. I don’t have bangs, and my hair is slightly layered. Please, nothing that involves a straightener or curler because I’m definitely not talented with either. If anybody could direct me to some photos, links, or give me an idea, that would he absolutely fantastic. Please, don’t be rude!!

Trying to find a wedding hairstyle for natural curly hair??

I’m bi-racial and trying to find a hairstyle for my wedding in a couple of weeks. I have a round face and my hair is shoulder length, tight curls. I would like to wear a informal wedding hairstyle. its a outside wedding and my dress is very simple. I was thinking of maybe putting a flower in my hair instead of a veil, but I’m not able to find any pics for natural curly hair. I was thinking of maybe straighten it and then just wearing it down, but I’m not sure. I have also thought of just wearing my hair natural down. any help would be greatly appreciated.

Is this hairstyle possible on shoulder length hair?

I love Kristen Stewart’s love layers in this photo below:


However, I only have shoulder length brown hair (just slightly below the shoulders). Would this hair be possible with shoulder length, or should I wait until my hair is longer?
Thanks. 🙂
EDIT: I meant long layers, not *love* layers lol.

How to do my hair for a wedding?

My cousins wedding is this week, he is getting married to this girl in MO, so I need hairstyles that I can do for the wedding. We are staying at a hotel, and I need 3 styles! There are two party’s, one before the wedding and one after. I have shoulder length black hair, it’s kinda wavy, and my skin color is white, but with a slight tan (if that helps), and if you could please tell me how to actually do the style so it would save me time, thanx!

How to do our hair for a wedding were going to?

Me (13) my friend (13) and my mom (38) would like to know how we should do our hair for this elegant wedding were going to. We are doing our hair at home. My hair is halfway down my back and poker straight so it will not curl. My friends hair is straight down to her shoulders and My moms hair is shoulder length and will do anything. thnks

wedding hair and make up ideas?

any ideas that would be good to do my hair and makeup for a wedding i am in? it’s my bf’s sister’s wedding and i’m not a huge part, i’m just going to be greeting, giving bubbles out and helping. my bf’s an usher

i just want to make sure i look good since ill see a lot of peple and i want to cute for my bf since i will be dancine with him most the night.

I have shoulder length red hair, that is layered, brown eyes and fair skin. Any ideas, thanks!!!

How can I style my hair like this?

I had cut my hair over a year and a half ago to a bob-length style that hit just above my shoulder. I let it grow out a bit and by that upcoming summer it was just about at my collar bone. Now, my hair has grown about 5 inches since then. Is that fast hair growth? How can I help my hair grow another 5 inches by summer 2011? And also, how can I style my hair to look like this? https://www.google.ca/imgres?imgurl=https://www.taaz.com/beauty/images/stories/megan_fox_hairstyles_how_to_get_sexy_megan_fox_hair.jpg&imgrefurl=https://www.taaz.com/beauty/celebrity/hair-and-makeup/megan-fox-hairstyle.html&usg=__StST02I9r_Dh1WrpXDBWh4cU5h4=&h=400&w=300&sz=24&hl=en&start=27&zoom=1&tbnid=rIIm4D3mSzX9sM:&tbnh=131&tbnw=95&prev=/images%3Fq%3Dmegan%2Bfox%2Bhairstyles%26um%3D1%26hl%3Den%26client%3Dsafari%26rls%3Den%26biw%3D1280%26bih%3D591%26tbs%3Disch:10%2C684&um=1&itbs=1&iact=hc&vpx=452&vpy=200&dur=629&hovh=259&hovw=194&tx=106&ty=148&ei=MaSGTPGBD4KC8gbPkuGHCg&oei=-qOGTMvEK4KC8gbM_Jhi&esq=6&page=2&ndsp=27&ved=1t:429,r:21,s:27&biw=1280&bih=591 Or is it not long enough yet?

I also have layers in my hair that are at they’re shortest at shoulder length. I Have natural wavy-curly hair too.

I am going to a wedding very soon.. Any ideas how to do my hair?

I am going to be attending a wedding. The main color is grey, so my dress is a dark, metallic grey/. The dress is strapless, and I don’t know how to do my hair. My hair is red and shoulder length. I do not know how to do my hair for this wedding. If you have any suggestions, or if you can add a link, I would truely appreciate it! Thank you! =)

What kind of lolita hairstyle would look okay on me?

Well, I have short hair (I’ll link a picture) and all of the lolita hairstyles require much longer hair than I have. I am working on growing my hair out, but it’s nearly shoulder-length.

Opinions and advice?

Wedding hairstyles for naturally curly hair?

I have shoulder length, naturally curly hair a la Rebecca Gayheart and Jennifer Grey (Dirty Dancing). I’m trying to find pictures to show my stylist for my May wedding. I’ve looked at theknot, weddingchannel, brides.com, and pretty much everywhere else you can think of. If anyone has REAL pictures, or some great pictures of naturally curly hair please let me know!! I have absolutely no idea! Thanks!

Where can I find pretty wedding hairstyle for really long hair?

My hair goes just below my butt, and I’m trying to search for a pretty wedding hairstyle for my hair, but all of the bridal sites, and most other sites, classify "long" hair as being mid-back, or shoulder length, not butt length.

I don’t have the money to go to a hairstylist, so I need to be able to do it myself, but I want to be able to do something that is different, and pretty.

Ideas, or websites?

Short, choppy haircut pics? (also, celebrities with good haircuts?)?

I have an oval face.
hair past my shoulders.
side bangs.

i want to get a short haircut, maybe a little shorter than shoulder length. i want it to be choppy, edgy, razor-cut, all that stuff. i want to keep my side bangs.

any celebrities/pictures of good haircuts for me?
i also want it to look good when it’s straight.
i don’t do all that scrunching crap.

oh yeah, a reference word or two may be "emo" or "scene"

What's a good hairstyle for high cheekbones?

As much as most people like them, I do not! They are too prominent for my oval face and I don’t like them one bit. What type of hairstyle is best in hiding them or diminishing their appearance?

I don’t have a photo, sorry :-\
(I’m female, btw. And have shoulder length, pin straight hair that’s layered)

What’s a good celebrity or model haircut?

I love the way katie holmes wears her hair!I want to do something that is easy to maintain and cute.I’m going to be a sophomore and I have medium blonde wavy curlyish hair that is a few inches past my shoulders.I want the hairstyle to be shoulder length or a little above that.Please give me tips on how to keep that style and give pictures too!

How should I do my hair for my brothers wedding?

My brother is getting married this weekend and I need to do my own hair. The only thing is, I don’t know what to do with it. It is about shoulder length and I like to wear it up off of my shoulders espically since it is going to be hot that day. Any suggestions?
I am saying something during the ceremony but I am not in the wedding as a bridesmaid or anything.

Formal Wedding Short hair-circlet ideas needed?

I am 20 years old and getting married in 5 weeks. I have purchased a floral circlet and a veil for my wedding. I have short hair, just about shoulder length and layered. I am trying to find an idea so my hair is not just down. should i curl it under the circlet? Maybe half up and half down? Please give me suggestions.

Hair Style Help! someone think of a new hairstyle idea for me please?

Hi everyone. I am a teenage girl and I have shoulder length brown wavy hair. It is quite puffy and quite thin. I have currently got it layered though they aren’t very noticeable. Does anyone have any ideas what hairstyles would suit. I have an oval-diamond shaped face. Please put any links of photos. Thanks again.

HELP! I have a shoulder length brown hair and a strapless prom dress, how should I have my hair?

I would really love to have my hair done properly for prom and am wearing a strapless dress which has a hot pink bodice and black full length skirt. My hair is brown and just about shoulder length. Any ideas as to how I should have my hair?

I want a new hairstyle, how can I find the right one for me?

I really want to get my haircut. I have brown, shoulder length and some natural highlights. I don’t want to get more highlights, and I kind of want a Alice Cullen haircut but don’t want to have my hair crusty. My minimum time in the bathroom styling my hair is about 5 min.
Please have photos.

what should i do to my hair for prom…?

I have shoulder length dark brownish black hair and side bangs.
I really don’t want my bangs to be pulled back and I know that most prom hair styles have the bangs back, but I don’t like it because I don’t like my forehead.
So I have completely no idea what I should do to make my hair look semi-attractive for prom.
please, give me ideas and help me out a bit.
thanks lots.-

How should I do my hair for prom?

I have shoulder-length, straight-ish blonde hair, and since prom is next week, it’s too late to make a hair appointment. I have a straightener and a curler. What should I do with my hair?

heres a pic of me in my prom dress with my hair natural.


What should I do with my hair for prom?

Okay. So I need a hairstyle for prom… and I don’t know what I should do. I have a little longer than shoulder length brown curly (and frizzy most times) hair, and it’s very very thick. I don’t know what exactly would look best, so any tips would be appreciated so much!

And of course, pictures would be extremely helpful too.

Thank you all so much!

What are some nice ways I could wear my hair to my moms wedding?

I have shoulder length, brown and curly hair. It doesn’t straighten nicely, and it doesn’t blow dry nicely, and it doesn’t air dry nicely. I wear my hair in a pony tail all of the time, so my mom says I can’t do that for the wedding.

So what are some things I could do with my hair for my moms wedding? Because I’m running out of ideas. (I’m walking her down the isle, but I don’t want to look real fancy)