Photos of female HAIRSTYLES with LAYERS…?

haha no i dont want a female hairstyle if that was what u were thinking…lol…My girlfriend wants to get a haircut..but needs a photo to show to her stylist. She wants shoulder length hair with layers–kind of a choppy look i guess?
but she says she doesnt want the ‘scene/emo’ look–whatever the hell that is.
any help would be appreciated : )

How can I achieve this hairstyle? (Pic included) What perm/cut?

I want a hairstyle like the one Meg Ryan had in City of Angels.
Like in this picture:

I have straight, shoulder length hair. What kind of perm/cut would I need to achieve this hairstyle?


Could you please help me find a cute hair cut?

have shoulder length hair, and it’s kinda brownish blondish. I have kinda medium texture hair (its not like super thick but its not thin. My hair is wavyish. I love layers and sidebangs and everything. I’m willing to take like 10 minutes 2 do my hair everyday. I have a good straightner. I also have a blowdryer and a curling iron. I like side bangs too. I really like celebrity hair also. I want my hair to look decent when I dont do anything to it also though. Thanks so much for everybodies answers and a link would be helpful. Oh and if you need any more info please feel free to email me!! Thanks.

How can I style my hair?Best one get's 10 point's!!!?

I do not want curls and no pony tail’s or bun’s.I have shoulder length hair very straight.Brown with blond highlight’s.I want something new with my hair,please help and thank u for your time. My hair sort of looks like this:
Thank u for ur time!!!