Is this hairstyle possible on shoulder length hair?

I love Kristen Stewart’s love layers in this photo below:

However, I only have shoulder length brown hair (just slightly below the shoulders). Would this hair be possible with shoulder length, or should I wait until my hair is longer?
Thanks. 🙂
EDIT: I meant long layers, not *love* layers lol.

I have really really curly/frizzy/poofy hair. HELP!!!?

So i have really really curly hair. curly not WAVY!
i’m 14, and when i wake up in the morning i literally have like 40 minutes tops to get ready.
my hair is like really really curly and i have a lot of hair so that doesn’t really help… last year i had my hair straight like all the time, but this is year everything is just crazy and i’m really busy! so i have it straight when i have time to go to the salon.
i don’t like to use a straightener because it damages your hair so i usually just go to the salon and have it blow dried. my hair is like 2 inches under my shoulder and when i wash my hair and i get out of the shower it like shrinks and it’s literally like up to my shoulders. i tried using moose and it just got poofy.
if i wanted it to get like this, it could.

i tried using gel and it work for a while but recently it stopped working and it has gotten poofy again. one time i used conditioner and it looked okay for like 2 hours then it basically like shrunk. i really really need help because i want to be able to wear my hair down and curly and cute and stuff.
i want to be able to at least get it like this…

i know this is long but i am really very desperate…
please please HELP!!!!
just remember i don’t want to use a straightener or a curling iron or anything like that…

How to do our hair for a wedding were going to?

Me (13) my friend (13) and my mom (38) would like to know how we should do our hair for this elegant wedding were going to. We are doing our hair at home. My hair is halfway down my back and poker straight so it will not curl. My friends hair is straight down to her shoulders and My moms hair is shoulder length and will do anything. thnks

'scene' haircut for very curly hair?

Hey guys. so Im looking for a scenish haircut for very curly hair, it can be frizzy, but its not wringlets.
Its about four inches past my shoulders and right now i just have once length. my hair isn’t thin, but it isn’t thick either!

any ideas 🙂

it kinda look like.
accept a little longer

How do I get this hairstyle?

I find it cute in an odd way… I probably wouldn’t wear my own hair like this too often, but if I ever decide to, how do I get this hairstyle?

-Products that would give my hair volume?
-Any specific curling irons?
-Stores that sell hair accessories like the one in the picture?

+My hair is about 4 inches below my shoulders, and it’s very thick, if that’s important.

How should I get my hair done for a wedding this weekend?

My dress comes to above the knee and it has an angled one strap on my right shoulder.
The dress it self its very simple (teal blue) and then right where the strap is there is a ribbon flower.
I was thinking of half up/half down but I am not sure.
and suggestions? (pics would help)
The wedding is at a church and then at a banquet hall.
I forgot to mention that my hair is slightly layered with a side bang and it is past my shoulders

How do I ask a hairdresser to cut my hair in an emo hairstyle?

I have medium long, medium brown hair and I want to cut it so it is just above my shoulders and has side bangs that cover 1 eye. I can’t dye my hair and I can’t use hairspray to keep it in place. Can you please leave links to photo’s.

If you’re just going to call me a poser or tell me not to be emo, I DON’T KNOW WHY YOU BOTHER TO ANSWER!

help finding my wedding hair styles?

i need help finding a hair style for my wedding, im getting married in october. i want my hair to be pinned up and i have a simple sparkly tiara. my hair is just above my shoulders and its not the thickest. help me find an elegant hair style. thanks x
i have got the clip in extentions but my hair is too thin you can see the clips through my hair. thanks though

What hairstyle would look best with my dress? Opinions and pictures please!!!?

Im getting married in February and I still havnt figured out what to do with my hair! Here is a link to my dress:

I really want something glamorous and classy, something that goes well the dress and the winter-feel of the wedding. I do not want a tiara, and was planning on getting a really beautiful comb instead. I think I look better with more volume in my hair than a sleek look, even though those are lovely. I do want an updo because of my hair type and length (stubbornly thin, about 3 inches past my shoulders) Does anyone have any pictures or suggestions? I have looked all over and I cant seem to find anything I LOVE.

Here is a link to some pictures of me:

Thanks so much for your help!

Here are a couple I like:
Graciela- do you have any pics of your hair you could send me? Thanks!

Wedding hairstyle suggestions for baby fine hair?

I have baby fine hair that is pretty much all one length – just past my shoulders. I have a widows’ peak. Any suggestions on how to wear my hair for my wedding day? My hair doesn’t hold a curl very well. I was thinking of maybe adding clip in hair extensions…would those damage my hair?

Any ideas on a new hairstyle?

I can’t be bothered to find and post a photo! but, my hair is just below my shoulders, layer, blondy-brown, layered, thick, falls heavily on my face (always falls into an awful middle part).

ANY suggestions on a new hairstyle?
I am just so fed up with it know, i want a change!
I just cant dye my hair bright pink…something normal!
And i have a heart shaped face! and i usually wear glasses!

Short, choppy haircut pics? (also, celebrities with good haircuts?)?

I have an oval face.
hair past my shoulders.
side bangs.

i want to get a short haircut, maybe a little shorter than shoulder length. i want it to be choppy, edgy, razor-cut, all that stuff. i want to keep my side bangs.

any celebrities/pictures of good haircuts for me?
i also want it to look good when it’s straight.
i don’t do all that scrunching crap.

oh yeah, a reference word or two may be "emo" or "scene"

What’s a good celebrity or model haircut?

I love the way katie holmes wears her hair!I want to do something that is easy to maintain and cute.I’m going to be a sophomore and I have medium blonde wavy curlyish hair that is a few inches past my shoulders.I want the hairstyle to be shoulder length or a little above that.Please give me tips on how to keep that style and give pictures too!

How should I do my hair for my brothers wedding?

My brother is getting married this weekend and I need to do my own hair. The only thing is, I don’t know what to do with it. It is about shoulder length and I like to wear it up off of my shoulders espically since it is going to be hot that day. Any suggestions?
I am saying something during the ceremony but I am not in the wedding as a bridesmaid or anything.

Wedding hair and makeup suggestions?

Im a bridesmaid in my friends wedding this week, the dress is strapless ,floor length wine colored and simple but glamorous.I have brown hair about 3 inches past my shoulders with long layers, and hazel/green eyes and fair skin.Any sugestions on hair and makeup? Id like something glamourous i dont get a chance to dress up too oftem, thanks

What hairstyle should I use for my thick hair?

First, I’ll start by saying that I have thick hair. I blow dry it and use a straightening iron to reduce the thickness some. I have had the same hair style for years now. Normally I just get my hair cut up to my shoulders and get the sides cut into my face. I like the lenght where my hair lays on my shoulders. I talked to my hairstylist about getting layers, but she said that layers will only make my hair look buffy since it is so thick. However, I am really wanting something new to do with it. I saw a pic on one of my friends’ myspace page the other day of a friend of his and I loved the way the girls hair was cut. However, I don’t quiet know how to describe it to my stylist. Do any of you know what it is when the ends of your hair kinda turn out but not a complet flip outward. I am thinking that maybe you can actually get it cut to turn out some without having to do it with an iron everyday. This is kinda what I am talking about but not the exact style I want

Does anyone have any other pics that may be helpful or any advice.

What kind of a hairstyle would work best with this dress?

The dress is being used for a fairly formal party.


That’s the dress. I have brown hair, much lighter than the model’s, that goes down about the same length(4 inches past shoulders), with some layers and angles added in.

Suggestions? Thanks!

I also wanted to add that I don’t have bangs!

Any ideas for a cool hairstyle for a 14 year old girl?

I want it to be short like maybe just above my shoulders,no bob or pixie cut,and also would Likee to add some blonde as i have hazel brown hair but dont know how i should do it.
Thank you
Please make answers quick as im going to the hairdressers tomorrow.
Oh and if you want to add some photos that would be great.
Thank you.