bad luck w/hair cuts!! help!! explaining a hair cut & pics included?

i love Julie Chen’s hair cut & front/side bangs & layers but i don’t want it that short…like 5 more inches..i need help clearly explaining to a stylist this cut?!

What Hairstyle Would look Better On Me?

I have light skin, a heart shaped face, and natrually strawberry blonde hair. It is natrually straight and a little wavy. I have a cowlick on the right side of my head and I have side bangs. I have grey-blue eyes and light freckles. Oh, and it is down to the middle of my back.
*NOTE* I will not die my hair, and I won’t cut it past my shoulders. I REALLY like long hair.

Option 1:,r:1,s:0&biw=1003&bih=566

Option 2:,r:19,s:84&biw=1003&bih=566

Option 3:,r:9,s:362&biw=1003&bih=566

PLEASE pick one!! Thank You so much!
Copy and paste the links into your search box. (if they don’t work)

How do I ask a hairdresser to cut my hair in an emo hairstyle?

I have medium long, medium brown hair and I want to cut it so it is just above my shoulders and has side bangs that cover 1 eye. I can’t dye my hair and I can’t use hairspray to keep it in place. Can you please leave links to photo’s.

If you’re just going to call me a poser or tell me not to be emo, I DON’T KNOW WHY YOU BOTHER TO ANSWER!

How would i describe this hairstyle to a hairdresser?

my hair is almost that length and i want to get it cut like that. does she have side bangs or what’s going on?i know i can bring in a pic but i did that once and the hairdresser did not give me the haircut i wanted so……….

Short, choppy haircut pics? (also, celebrities with good haircuts?)?

I have an oval face.
hair past my shoulders.
side bangs.

i want to get a short haircut, maybe a little shorter than shoulder length. i want it to be choppy, edgy, razor-cut, all that stuff. i want to keep my side bangs.

any celebrities/pictures of good haircuts for me?
i also want it to look good when it’s straight.
i don’t do all that scrunching crap.

oh yeah, a reference word or two may be "emo" or "scene"

How should I do my hair?

Please Help!! I really want to change my hair cut. I grew out my bangs which used to be straight across and they are gone now. The hair is still not as long as my hair. I really need a picture of a celebrity with brown/dark hair that might be good for me. My hair is a medium length. Thank you for your help!! Oh, also please suggest a few so I can choose. The style can be bangs, no bangs, side bangs, whatever works!

how should I wear my hair for my wedding?

i’m not sure how to wear my hair. I have side bangs and my hair is naturally curly but will easily straighten. This is my dress:

I don’t want to wear it all the way down because my ceremony is outdoors and my hair is frizzy. Any suggestions? April 10 wedding.

How should I fix my hair with this prom dress?

Here’s the link to the dress I’m getting:

It’s going to be my Senior Prom, I have blonde hair that’s about 2 inches past my shoulders, with side bangs to the right of my face. how should I get it fixed? I was thinking maybe spiral curls?? whats do you think?

Could you please help me find a cute hair cut?

have shoulder length hair, and it’s kinda brownish blondish. I have kinda medium texture hair (its not like super thick but its not thin. My hair is wavyish. I love layers and sidebangs and everything. I’m willing to take like 10 minutes 2 do my hair everyday. I have a good straightner. I also have a blowdryer and a curling iron. I like side bangs too. I really like celebrity hair also. I want my hair to look decent when I dont do anything to it also though. Thanks so much for everybodies answers and a link would be helpful. Oh and if you need any more info please feel free to email me!! Thanks.

New hairstyle ideas or tips? Photos included, what should I do with my locks?

I had layers for a while now, with these push-over side bangs. I need to cut my hair again, but I want to try something different. My prom is in two weeks, so I don’t wanna look too crazy – but I’m trying to manage. Should I get bangs? I was toying with the idea but I’m petrified.

Here’s my current hair style

Thanks ^.^

Pictures of celebrity hairstyles and haircuts?

I have long hair and am looking for a new style. Does anyone know of any websites that have collections of of celebrity hairstyles and haircuts, or a website with a lot of haircut ideas in general?

Are there any celebrities whose hair you love? I have an idea of what I want, but I’m looking for some inspiration. Thanks!
I have long, thick, straight black hair that falls to the middle of my back. My shortest layers fall a couple of inches below my chin, and I have side bangs that are grown out (they used to be blunt, straight-across fringe).
I didn’t ask how to curl my hair with a curling iron; I already know how to curl it using a straightening iron anyways.

Does anyone have photos of Hayley Williams shorter hairstyles?

Like it says, I want photos of Hayley Williams shorter haircuts, but not with the completely straight short bangs. The length like just bellow the shoulders as longest, and side-bangs.

Color doesnt really matter. Thanks on advance!
Of the four pictures number 1 and 2 were too long on the length. The others could do. But I guess that leaves more specific guidelines.

How do I get my hair like this (pictures)?

I want to be able to do my hair like this…

I have side bangs and my hair is longer than hers in that picture but I want to cut it like that. I don’t know how to style my hair like hers. I also want to be able to do it fast in the morning for school and stuff like that. Like 3-5 easy steps to know how to style my hair like that.
If you know anything about this PLEASE answer! Thanks!