blond vs pink: Get blonde highlights near the tips like Vanessa Hudgens or die tip of long black hair pink?

I’m so bored bored with my hair and want to do something other than my usual haircut,, my skin tone, and hair tone ( also hair cut) is almost exactly like Venessa (
except my hair now is completely black

Should I do the (normal) thing and die it exactly like her (Venessa

Or shall I do the unexpected but cool thing and die the ends bright pink almost like this,keep in mind my hair is much longer so it won’t be such obvious. ( also won’t color my bangs)

To tell you the truth, I’d love to color the ends pink but my friendskeep saying that it’s old fashioned– since yes it was a major fashion like 8-10 years ago,

Blonde or pink (at the tips)?

How can I wear my hair on my wedding day?

Ok, I’m getting married on the 30th and can’t decide how to wear my hair. Short description of myself: African american (medium skin tone) round face and medium length black hair. If someone could direct me to some websites or has any pictures that they could share then that would be great. Thanks.